Entrepreneurs need to be inspired. Passion is one of the most critical ingredients in being a successful entrepreneur, and through the difficult times, inspiration from other entrepreneurs may just give you that spark of inspiration you need to push through.

There are valuable lessons to be gained from the words of world famous entrepreneurs and the paths they’ve walked to success. Here are six inspiring quotes to launch you on your entrepreneurial journey.

1. “The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a
dreamer” – Nolan Bushnell

The most significant reason why entrepreneurs fail is that they’re always thinking up ideas, but never following them through with real action. It can be hard for entrepreneurial minded people to bring a full idea to fruition, and that can be a huge setback on the path to scaling one single business idea.

Nolan Bushnell may sound like a bit of a downer, but the most successful entrepreneurs take real action to make their dreams come true. They have plans, and they don’t procrastinate. Stick with one plan, one thing that you’re good at and committed to, and follow through with that idea to make it into you can turn into profit.

2. “The very act of becoming an entrepreneur
is contrarian to middle-class values, study hard, get a good job, be happy with
secure income and steady salary.” – Rashmi Bansal

The message in this quote is that the life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. Many people will doubt you and many people will tell you it’s a bad idea, mainly because they don’t understand the purpose behind your hustle. You have to be able to shut out this noise if you’re going to become successful, and you must be able to accept an uneasy, pressure-filled existence.

3. “The most valuable businesses of coming
decades will be built by entrepreneurs who seek to empower people rather than
make them obsolete.” – Peter Thiel

Much has been made of the coming of robotics and the removal of ordinary people from many roles. But the reality is this is not ideal for the economy. Many are scared, and they have a right to be.

The businesses that attract people and investors are those that help the average person better take control of their lives and destinies. Put people at the heart of your business.

4. “I’m convinced that about half of what
separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure
perseverance…” – Steve Jobs

Straight and right to the heart of the point. You will fail, and you will want to quit, no doubt. But if you’re going to be successful, your only option is to keep going. Too many entrepreneurs give up too early. Keep going, and make clear the path to success. Hold yourself accountable each and every step of the way.

5. “Opportunists seek for a chance.
Entrepreneurs make new chances.” – Toba Beta

You’re never going to accomplish anything if you wait for the right opportunity to come along. You must create your chances by carving out new niches and disrupting industries. Find an idea that works and make people see that it’s the next big thing. Wait, and you’ll wait forever. The “perfect idea” is not going to just arrive at your doorstep. Don’t be afraid to create your own success.

6. “Fail early, fail often, but always fail
forward.” – John C. Maxwell

Failure is a necessary part of the learning process, and it’s critical to embrace that along your journey. But there’s a right way to fail and a wrong way to fail. Make sure you never make the same mistake twice and that you’re always learning from your failures. Examine them and have a strategy for avoiding them.

Conclusion – Learn from the Best

The key to these quotes is not to make you feel good but to teach you. By learning from those who came before you’ll avoid making those same mistakes. And maybe you’ll make progress faster than your predecessors.