Heartbreak, an emotion, not many knows how to handle. This emotion is what makes us realize the intensity of love we had, an emotion that makes us shuffle through our playlist to find songs that matches our state of mind. But more than that, this emotion can put our life to a standstill, for at least some time. Heartbreak in itself is intense. Handling it with an intense mind doesn’t make it better. A calm mind is what can handle all emotions linked to it in the perfect possible way. Your mind will constantly try to make up stories in your head, ’’why me’’, ‘’Am I not good enough’’, ‘’What’s wrong with me’’ and on and on goes the mind building up stories after stories giving rise to emotions related those stories. How do you deal with those emotions? 

Heartbreak is a process that teaches us many important aspects of life, they are

Step 1 : Be Aware of your thoughts.

Be aware of the story making process in your head. Most of the thoughts that go on in the head are mere assumptions.

Step 2 : Accept.

Accept that it’s done. Accept that it has happened for your highest good. Accept that holding on will just increase the suffering. Accept that you have to let go of the past to ease the suffering. Accept that it’s better it happened this way than being with the wrong person for the rest of your life. You deserve better. Acceptance is the key to letting go

Step 3 : Trust the process.

Believe that you can’t know why or what role a person or a situation has in your life. Every person or every situation always teaches you something, helping you evolve and grow. Trust that this too has happened for a similar reason. 

Step 4 : Forgive.

Heart-breaks are bitter. Holding on to this bitterness can indirectly have an impact on your thoughts and your actions. Forgiveness is the way ahead. It doesn’t mean that you need to get back to the person or meet the person to forgive him or her. Forgiveness is about letting go of those bitter emotions attached within you to be able to move ahead in life with lesser baggage of the past.

Step 5 : Focus.

Stop chasing. Focus on becoming better. Focus on creating a life that you deserve. Focus on making yourself better in all ways. Be yourself. This is what will help the right person find you and stay. 

Step 6 : Believe.

Newer things enter your life only when space is made for it enter. Holding on to the past is just taking up your present space blocking out all opportunities and blessings. Letting go allows in creating space for blessings & opportunities to enter your life.

And most importantly, wrong relationships, prepares your for the right ones, and when the right ones happen, you’ll be grateful for the wrong ones not working out.