Stress is a major health concern and so is the need to keep it under control. According to the Global Organization for stress, approximately 70% of people are stressed.  It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it- Hans Selye. The everyday workload, worry, finances, and emotional dealings can be hectic at times. Effective stress management is achievable with the right mindset and attitude.  You need to take control of your life and hack stress with these proven methods.

  • Put yourself first

A die-hard stressor is worrying about how others will feel, but, it’s okay to put yourself first. Avoid things like procrastination, taking up too much workload, being scared to say no, and trying to please everybody. If not, in the end, you only get panic disordered and stressed. Putting yourself first is a potent self-care tip for stress reduction.

  • Take a break and chill

We rush through life without even stopping to take note of our lives. But it’s important to take time to practice being present. With modern-day distractions, it is not very easy to be mindful. Take a pause, relax, breathe fresh air, watch funny shows and laugh out the tension. You could consider a solo trip, vacation, friends/family hangouts. It produces oxytocin, a natural anti-stress agent.

  • Try exercising

Exercise is one genuine way to alleviate stress. Working out will benefit not just your physical but psychological health inclusive. It improves strength by supplying energy. It is a potent mood booster, which releases endorphins and cortisol that increases happiness, reduces stress, depression or anxiety.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is giving conscious attention to the present moment. It is a practice to help relieve stress, increase awareness and clarity. According to The Harvard Gazette, our minds wander about 47% of the time. Being mindful of present moments improves psychological wellbeing. Practice 10-30 minutes of mindfulness every day by paying attention to everything. Meditation is also a good mindfulness practice.

  • Use anti-stress supplements

Some supplements are effective for stress reduction. These include:

  • Green Tea: It contains an amino acid, Theanine, which is a potent ingredient for stress relief. It also heightens the level of production of serotonin for lowering anxiety level. It also contains other polyphenol antioxidants which are of benefit to health.
  • Lemon: is a citrus fruit known for its anti-stress property. It also promotes sound sleep. Drinking fresh lemon juice, or lemon mix will hack stress, and improve mood.
  • Omega 3s: constantly taking omega-3 fatty acids for a long period can help lower anxiety and stress levels.
  • Vitamin B: this supplement is quite effective for hacking panic attacks, depression, and stress.
  • Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine is a mild stimulant on the nervous system. It is present in tea, coffee, and high consumption of which can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Depending on your threshold, you may need to cut down caffeine intake.

  • Get a stress ball

This stress-buster is old-fashioned but effective. We get tensed when stressed out, and constantly squeezing a stress ball can relieve stress and muscle tension, making you less tense.

Stress at work and everyday living are almost inevitable. However, it can be hacked. These tips will alleviate distress, and help you get the balance you need in your everyday life.