When it comes to the world of marriage, there are too many stereotypes, limitations, and restrictions. One of such is that one is supposed to lose one’s sense of adventure, that one experienced during one’s more youthful and earlier years. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, it’s far from true. An individual does not have to lose his fun and excitement, upon getting married. On the contrary, one should experience an increased awakening into that fun. This time around you have someone special to experience it with. Double the pleasure with an amplitude amount of fun. How does that feel for those, who are trying to re-ignite the passion (and fire) within their relationship?

Another stereotype, you aren’t able to experience those fun-filled vibes of midnight. Sure you can. And, when it comes to a husband, he is blessed to bring the wife, along. The two of them can experience bountiful blessings of midnight, together. Marriage and coupledom is not meant to bring hardships, pain, or the removal from exciting atmospheres, that one enjoyed during one’s youth.

It’s a blessing to be introduced to a song, which understands this. For starters, there is something about a specific, musical genre of those earlier eras, which made one want to dance, again. It didn’t matter how old they were. Age was not a factor in experiencing the joy of moving with passion and delight. Once you felt the atmosphere of moving through the art of dance, you could never sit still. That’s just how it was.

And so, we have the time of midnight. Why? What makes midnight so special? Afterall, there is magic in the dark. There is beauty in the dark. The ability to create artistry happens in the context of the midnight sky. For the Universe is the epitome of blackened majesty. There is nothing ugly or “bad” about it, unless people decide to perform misdeeds, within it.

He’s a member of the midnight crew. And, he holds no shame about it. They are fellow Spirits, who move through the creative factor of the Divine. There is a special love about it. Such beings are not afraid of the night. It does not force them to retreat into spaces of solitude. It’s the exact opposite.

The song is entitled, “I’m A Member Of The Midnight Crew.” What is so very awesome about it, is how it conveys a man’s inclusion of his wife into his nightly adventures. He doesn’t have to hide anything from here. There are no secrets. Evidently, their relationship has been based on a set of principles and standards. Having fun is part of the process. Evidently, it is the night, which keeps them, together. The night pulls them, through and into a more refreshing bond. And, in the nectar of love, refreshness is consistently, needed!

There is no secret, for the adventures, await. All of this goes against the traditional imagery of the wife staying at home, while waiting for her husband to return home. In such a ballad, gone are the ways where the husband has to use the dark night, in order to sneak around, with his discretion. Not in this song.

For this time around, the night ? is a vivacious awakening of cheerful glitter; restoring life’s abundance, with one nightly crew.

Eddie Morton