Oh Mother Earth, thanks a lot for your patience and resilience.

You are finally having a new chance to breathe.

Air pollution and CO2 are falling rapidly as coronavirus spreads.

Our self-isolation is bringing you back to life.

And ironically we are forced to live in a cage, at home, away from you.

Obviously you are sending us a clear message: we are not indispensable.

Air, water, animals and plants live equally well without us.

But the truth is that we as humans cannot stay without them.

And when we’ll go out again after the pandemic, we are going to learn that we are your guests and not masters.

That’s the bitter truth.

You have struck a heavy blow against us in order to survive and paradoxically you are still offering us a chance, even if throwing us to the ground, ruinously.

We’ll get up again, but if we do not learn from our mistakes it won’t be the last blow.

It will be only the beginning.

Diseases, virus, climate change, wars will continuously happen.

We are at a turning point in our history.

In this disaster there are few positive things for us, but I hope that we’ll be able to grasp the essential: taking care of you again.

Now it’s up to us to decide whether to protect or to fight you again.

But if we insist on going back to life as usual as soon as the virus passes, we may not have another chance.

A new war against you will be once again forever lost.