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CP: What made you decide to become a Doctor?

Dr. Quinn: The reason I became a doctor resulted from multiple experiences of my life. I started out as the least likely to be academically successful as a high school student. I never studied, and made poor grades. I visited a college during my junior year of high school to party with my cousin who was a first-year college student during a weekend designed to allow high school students to visit colleges. I had such a great time, and there were so many beautiful girls there, I decided college was my destiny. With no preparation, I took the ACT, and scored poorly with a thirteen. With no financial assistance available from my parents, I joined the Army National Guard to pay for college. I was accepted on academic probation to a college, but had to go to basic training the summer before starting college in the fall. I scored well on the ASFAB which is the placement test for the military based on your test taking abilities and was placed in the medical field to be a field medic. I was to go to basic training the summer before college and attend my specific medical training the following summer. While in basic training the summer before college, the war or Desert Storm started. I was not allowed to return to Mississippi after basic training in South Carolina, but sent straight to San Antonio, TX where I was to complete my medical military training to serve in the war with my unit that had been deployed. As I had always done, I entered my training site in San Antonio with a party boy lifestyle, and flunked out. I performed well in the basic training due to it being physically challenging, but the medical was academic which required hard work and studying. After meeting with my commander, and being told I would be sent to do the infantry course to serve on the front lines in the war, I begged for another chance. I studied for the first time. I studied like “crazy” for one full week. I made 100 on the first test and every other test after this. The war ended, and I started college on academic probation, but graduated with honors and admission to medical school. My going to medical school resulted in me working in the hospital during college as an orderly using my military training, and being encouraged to peruse the medical field mixed with my new hard work habits. I enjoyed working with patients as an orderly and helping others. I perused premed since I knew this would allow me to help others to a much greater impact. I often use this story to inspire young people that may have misdirection as I did.

CP: Why is health and wellness keys to a successful life?

Dr. Quinn: Health and wellness are keys to a successful life since it is important to be physically well to reach your true potential. As a family physician, I see many people suffer from physical problems that result in loss productivity, and decreased success overall. When you feel well, you can do more and gain greater success. I also believe being healthy gives one a since of control and accomplishment which increases confidence and belief in achieving one’s desires to gain ultimate success.

CP: Why do you think people don’t make healthcare a priority?

Dr. Quinn: Many people don’t make healthcare a priority since they don’t have a true belief and understanding that they can make a difference. Many people have desire and multiple attempts throughout life, but become discouraged since they don’t get the immediate results that they identify as success. I stress to my patients that some weight loss thru moderation of unfavorable dietary habits and increased activity is good. I further stress that minimal positive fitness changes have a great impact on one’s overall health. Many think that healthy changes mean that they get into those jeans they wore in high school or impress others with their drastic weight changes. I educate my patients to understand that going down a couple of dress sizes can have a very positive impact on their health. I often use the example of a patient that went from a size twenty dress size to a sixteen to impress a man at a high school reunion. She was disappointed due to the man not favoring her as she desired, and referred to herself as a “big fat loser”. I share that I reminded her that she became healthier, and now had no need for insulin to treat her diabetes as she did prior to starting her healthier lifestyle six months prior to the high school reunion with the motivation to impress some undeserving guy.

CP: What made you decide to open Quinn Healthcare Clinic?

Dr. Quinn: I opened Quinn Healthcare to have the autonomy to care for patients the way I felt was best. Quinn Healthcare goes far beyond the walls of the five thousand square foot building. Quinn Healthcare is a resource to educate and empower my community to live the healthier lives they deserve.

CP: Who is Dr. Quinn at his core?

Dr. Quinn: I am Dr. Quinn. I am a highly-motivated individual with a true mission to better my fellow man. I watched my grandfather, a well-respected pastor die an unnecessary death as did many of the others in my community of which I am from. My grandfather had prostate cancer. He did not believe that he needed to be proactive in his health, and be screened for cancer. His answer to everything was, “God is going to take care of it if you believe.” On his death bed, he told me of his new knowledge. He explained to me that he spoke to God, and now knew he was wrong. He told me that he now understands that going to the doctor is not turning your back on God, but celebrating God’s miracles thru people such as myself. He laughed as he told me that only God could have made me a doctor. He told me that I was to be a tool of the Lord to go out and educate others of the importance of being proactive with their health. This was the beginning of my ministry. I have been blessed to help many in my home state of Mississippi, and have a desire to help many of the world.

CP: What challenges have you faced? How did you overcome them?

Dr. Quinn: I discussed many of my challenges earlier to include my lack of understanding as a teenager, but have had great success as an adult. Some would describe my life as challenging, but I enjoy every minute of my life. I feel I am fulfilling my God given purpose.

CP: Children in this country are not physically active. They love technology more. Parents can force them to be active. It would be great to create a love for physical activity. So, it can be a way of life for children. What can be done to encourage children in physical activity?

Dr. Quinn: To engage more children in physical activity, we must educate the community as to its importance. Many parents don’t encourage their children to participate in physical activity, because they don’t know the consequences. Children that have physical activity in their life perform better and have fewer problems emotionally. People are very busy in our modern society, and some parents find it easier to give their children an electronic game to occupy them. We need to increase education of our parents and children to engage in more physical activity. When I was a child, children played outside all day, and rushed home when the street lights came on. Safety issues certainly have impacted outdoor activities, but I still feel education would help parents have a greater desire to find alternative safe options for their children to get the physical activity they need and deserve. I encourage my patients to sign their children up for organized sports when able.

CP: How does one learn to live a healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Quinn: One learns to live a healthy lifestyle by accepting that it will not happen overnight, and accept the definition of the word. Lifestyle is not a diet or an exercise routine, but a life change. It is making daily decisions with the healthier options.

CP: What is next for Dr. Timothy Quinn?

Dr. Quinn: My next chapter of life includes taking my message outside the boarders of my home state of Mississippi to help the world. My message of better health is needed now more than ever. I plan to do this by working with other organizations such as the American Medical Association and other medical associations. I also plan to work with syndicated media outlets to include radio, television, internet, social media, and wonderful print such as yours (which includes a large internet audience).

CP: Where do you see healthcare in the next 2-3 years?

Dr. Quinn: In the next few years, I see healthcare changing to a more communicative system. With the increased technology, sharing of information is a great priority. An example will be a primary care physician, such as myself, being able to access all the medications prescribed, all the hospitalizations, all the therapies, all the other treatments by using an electronic system that all providers will have access to. This will lead to better healthcare.

CP: How can others connect with you?

Dr. Quinn: I encourage anyone interested to visit and like my Facebook page of Dr. Timothy Quinn, or Instagram page and Twitter page of Askdrquinn, or my YouTube page of Timothy Quinn. My website is


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