As a boy, I would watch Superman leap over tall buildings in a single bound, and I thought I could do exactly the same.

Nothing’s changed these past five decades. I’m still leaping. I still think I’m invincible.


Because no matter how much leaping I have done, throughout my lifetime, into the unknown, I am still breathing, still living, still growing, still going, still excited, still ignited, still learning, still breaking new territory, still dreaming, still loving, still creating, and still exacerbating.

Aggravate To Elevate

I am severely, violently, and bitterly aggravating every bit of mediocrity in my bones to ensure that I fulfill the destiny that I have to fulfill upon this planet earth.

I am not planning on aggravating you – unless you are satisfied to stay in a state of mediocrity. You will then find that what I am about to write is downright annoying – like a prickle in your shoe while you’re out taking a walk.

I have never been one to simply write platitudes.

Platitudes in my nation are for platypuses – not humans.

When you read my blog, I want to make you at times uncomfortable for a moment – just enough to get you up and at it and into action.

Those Who Do Get Things Done

I hear so many people praying for success, hoping for success – but very few are doing success.

See you, and I can pray until the cows come home. I can kneel on the ground until my knees bleed. I can hope until the decades pass me by. I can wish. I can even study. I can go ‘ooh aah’ when I see someone else succeed.

But why don’t I get up and off my behind and go and create some action? Burn up some dust. Look at that cliff before me and simply take a running leap into it…

…. possibility, opportunity, and successful living.

Oh, sure, you may fail. But hey, I have failed many more times for all the humans I know – ten times over in fact, and you know what?

I’m still alive. I’m still succeeding. I’m happy. I’m dreaming big dreams. I feel as though I’m just getting started and that my best days are ahead.

So what are you going to do about it?

Here’s what you can do….

1. Change Your Talk

Stop saying – ‘One day I will.’ Start saying, ‘I am.’ Quit asking ‘Why?’ Change it to ‘How?’

Never allow yourself to say, ‘I can’t afford it.’ Man, that one gets me riled – especially when people say that about diversity and inclusion training.

Do you realize that I have emptied my bank account throughout my lifetime and gone without food simply to educate myself time and time again?

In the natural, I could never afford to do anything I have ever done. I have started businesses with no money.  I have started businesses that I didn’t even have the skillsets to perform what that business had to offer. But the facts are that after simply starting – taking a leap – the money came, and the team arrived.

So don’t give me such a feeble excuse. It just doesn’t cut it with me.

2. Change Your Beliefs

If you change your talk, you will soon see a change in your beliefs. Our beliefs are driven by our behaviors.

Here’s how you can begin to create an empowering belief.

You may want to start your belief statement with…

‘Any time I feel (ingredients) I experience (what it is you desire).’

For example…

‘Any time I feel happy, I experience success.’

‘Any time I feel like laughing, I know and experience that I am rich.’

‘Any time I dream, I experience the fullness of a life being lived to the full.’

Do this in the morning and at night before you go to sleep for 30 days and see how your beliefs change. With the application of this new empowering belief, you will see that your identity will begin to change consistently.

Once you believe in who you are, your identity’s very texture or DNA will be affected to become whom you desire.

3. Change Your Life

In an instant, by applying those two principles, your life will begin to change for the better – an instant.

By deciding to change, by taking the necessary action to change, by changing the talk that flows out of your mouth, by adjusting your beliefs, and by establishing fresh and new habits, the process of change in your life has begun.

Change is good. Change is vital if we are to step up and into what we have been born for.

Don’t resist it. Don’t fight it. Flow with it. Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you and take notes.

Listen. Study. Associate.

Take action today – for tomorrow will never come.