Ever wonder about your true purpose and meaning in life? Like most of us our life experience opens our eyes and hearts to new and different things. It shapes us into who we are and who we want to become. Life-changing events, like the pandemic, give us an opportunity to lean inward for meaning, inner guidance, and spiritual connection. Through this experience, we’re able to slow down and create space to really speak to our soul for self-discovery, for self-knowledge, and for growth.

Finding Your True Purpose

As we all had to settle into new ways of working, living, and connecting during the early days of the pandemic, many of us found ourselves doing extensive soul searching to find inner wisdom around various aspects of our life, such as our place of residence, our relationships, our health and wellbeing, and our careers or business. Like most of us, I did my own deep soul searching for meaning and purpose. Through this process, I discovered my true purpose in life, and that is, to serve ambitious women, just like me, in helping them unlock their power within and live their purpose by reprogramming the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping them stuck so they can create unapologetic success and abundance.

One of the limiting beliefs that I’ve been carrying with me since my early childhood is fear; fear of not being good enough, fear of abandonment, fear of being criticized or judged, and fear of financial insecurity. This limiting belief has manifested in different ways during my 20-year tenure as a corporate executive. Six years ago, I was asked to lead a high-profile, extremely intense, and incredibly demanding project for one of our largest clients. As an ambitious woman hungry for career advancement, I was excited, honored and ready for this special assignment, which I hoped would lead me straight to a promotion the following year. While I suspected this special project may temporarily disrupt my work/life balance, I didn’t expect to encounter such long term impact on my life, my family, and my health, nor did I think I would ever experience career-burnout. To top it off, I didn’t get the promotion even though I exceeded all expectations for this special project. As you can imagine, I was devastated and exhausted. After a period of recovery and reflection, I vowed that I would never sacrifice my life, my family, or my health for my career. You see, my fear of not being good enough created a situation in which I allowed myself to work to exhaustion so that I would be recognized and rewarded with a promotion.

In the years that followed, I spent a great deal of time reprogramming my limiting beliefs and patterns so that I could heal the leader within me. Simultaneously, I was tapped on the shoulder to scale and grow another area of our business. While I didn’t get the desired promotion, I actually got an even better career opportunity. Since then, I’ve been promoted twice, each time given more responsibility, and I didn’t even have to sacrifice other aspects of my life to advance my overall leadership and influence as a corporate executive. What?! Who knew! It’s actually quite empowering when you realize that you can still be ambitious and achieve success while setting clear boundaries with your career..

As I eluded to earlier, after some deep soul searching, I recently decided to take courageous action towards my true purpose by stepping into entrepreneurship and starting my very own coaching business, with a mission to help ambitious women achieve success and abundance. While I love my corporate executive job, I’m also ecstatic about this new, independent business venture. I am the ambitious woman; the corporate executive turned entrepreneur, and I’m searching for other ambitious women, just like me, who need my help healing the leader within so you can create purpose, freedom, and happiness in your life too.

The Ambitious Woman

So, who is the ambitious woman? She is an independent, inspired learner and seeker of change and information to bring growth around her—herself, her family, her friends, and her colleagues. She is a high-energy woman driven to succeed in her own way. She’s a mentor to others and highly collaborative—and blends work with family, personal needs and contributions to the community. She is a big believer in practicing gratitude as it’s essential for living a happy, healthy life.

7 characteristics of The Ambitious Woman:

Clarity: She is clear in her purpose. She can articulate her vision and how to achieve it. She creates synergy through clarity on roles, responsibilities, and tasks. She clears obstacles and roadblocks to keep the plan on track.

Courage: She believes in herself. She knows who she is and what she stands for. She is passionate about her beliefs and values. She is loyal, trustworthy, objective, fair, and tolerant. She is comfortable making tough decisions.

Confidence: She is comfortable talking about herself. She hangs out with people who motivate her and lift her up. She rarely compares herself to other people. She is capable of leading through uncertainty and ambiguity.

Compassion & Empathy: She is a good listener. She has genuine care and concern for other people. She can feel what others may be feeling. She engages and empowers people to be their best.

Creativity & Innovation: She asks lots of questions. She is known for thinking outside of the box. She continuously looks for ways to do things better. She takes risks and fails fast.

Commitment & Passion: She leads with conviction. She aligns actions with shared values. She focuses on making dreams a reality. She loves what she does.

Communication & Transparency: She openly shares information. She inspires and motivates people through her consistent message. She fosters a culture of honesty and openness. She is an authentic leader.

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