I just had to laugh when I looked at the man with the big horns attached to either side of his head and a furry exterior accentuated by vivid tatooes on his face and chest. It seemed even more ludicrous when he was asked why he came to the Capitol and his reply was: ” I came here because I was called by the President.”

Watching the members of the mob scaling the front of the United States Capitol building, I compared them in my mind to rats gnawing away at the remnants of the already tattered image of America. It seemed funny momentarily. But I couldn’t help realizing the gravity of the situation.

America: Once A Symbol of Freedom

America was once a symbol of freedom, a much-yearned for destination of millions of refugees who fled from their native lands due to religious persecution, famines or plagues. They sought opportunities for material advancement, knowledge and a home where open borders and unrestricted possibilities existed.The huge influx of immigrants made America a melting pot of cultural diversity. It also contributed to America’s rise as a superpower in the world.

Tattered American Dream

Today the “American dream” is in tatters. Many parents refuse to allow their children to study in America. Why? Because it is no longer a safe habitation. It is due the flagrant possession of weapons, the racial prejudice, the brutal assaults on civilians by police, and the massive pollution of the food supply by GMO’s. These factors coupled with the pandemic as well as natural disasters like huge fires, hurricanes and flash floods add to the misery of the American people.

Prayer for Peace

One can only pray that this drama will have a positive outcome. The curtain call must close on these dark and threatening times. Any adversity contains within it the seed of the solution and strengthens us in our determination to cling to the values we hold most dear. A new chapter must open now with the heartening election of Joe Biden and his chosen team. Surely the forthcoming acts in the drama will reveal a more evolutionary direction in the storm-tossed history of America.