Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Today, say yes to you.

Begin with the small yesses.

Yes, I can make my bed today.

Yes, I can spend fifteen minutes outlining that scene, sketching that landscape, plotting that garden area.

Yes, I can write out the ingredients for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Yes, I can compose eight measures of that refrain that keeps kicking around in my head.

Yes, I can draft the lyrics.

Yes, I can record the video, throw it up on YouTube, just because… for me.

Yes, I can put myself first… if just for this hour.

Yes, I can get up twenty minutes early to work on my art.

Yes, I can stay up late to create, to make.

I will pour myself into my creative projects with ALL of my heart and soul for those who need my art, my makes, my work.

The answer is yes; I matter.

I matter at this time of uncertainty. I matter because of this time of uncertainty.

Yes, I matter to my friends—even that one friend that I haven’t seen in forever.

Yes, I matter to that busker in the subway when I drop a five in their case.

Yes, I matter to my family. I am more than just the chauffeur, the chef, the caregiver. Even if they don’t say it out loud.

The answer is yes to making myself happy first… just because… for me… and to be a better person for everyone I meet.

The answer is yes to permitting myself NOT to do that so that I can do this because this is beautiful. This melody sounds lovely. This entrée tastes fantastic. This character, while a hero within the community, also harbors a secret that will turn the plot upside down.

The answer is yes to writing that poem… yes, to alliteration, rhythm, rhyme.

The answer is yes to me—the burgeoning maker (juggling work and my dreams all at the same time).

I am the student, the boss, the manager, the teacher. I am the accountant, the publicist, the medic, the cheerleader. 

Yes, I am a leader.

Yes, I am an entrepreneur.

Yes, I can accomplish that and more.

The answer is yes.

Yes— to today and the vision of tomorrow. I am NOT a dreamer. I am a doer. 

The answer is yes to a past that embarrasses me and to know that I am that and I am more than that.

The answer is yes…

To taking responsibility for your future with every action of today.

Yes, I matter. Yes, you matter.

My voice matters. Your voice matters.

The answer is yes when there is silence and yes when there is noise.

The answer is ALWAYS yes!