The Power of My Pen & My Coach Showed Me How To Push Past My Fear To Be Fearless at the One Women’s International “Fearless Women’s Summit”

What are you doing in this place?
Are you exploring where you take this space?
Your body is strong this time,
Exploring the portals of your mind…
How deep are you willing to go?
When your rooms open up to expose every scene of the show?
Are you able to stick with it?
When the dark parts cause pain?
Producing tears in rain?
Are you brave enough, to be vulnerable enough, to lean in the thick tar?
Pushing past your fear to raise the bar?
Of all that you can be?
Can you explore that far?
Human optimization leading by example for everyone who can see?
Can you frolic also in the joy that shows up?
When epic moments happen that fill your cup?
Can you dance with life’s energy knowing you are worthy and enough?
Can you relish in the delicious oxygen when it’s provided to you?
Can you enjoy gratitude exploring it slowly, and not rush through?
Can you swim in every single cellular level emotion that sets in?
Is this the time you truly begin?
Apparently, it’s hurricane season!
There is no voice to rescue you with reason –
That enables you to pull back into mediocre treason
That tells you “you don’t need to be vulnerable”
Your Public Speaking Coach won’t let “fine” be tolerable
No one here is going to allow you to sugar coat your half-truths
Sharing only one piece of you
There is only one deep voice today
It’s loud and clear and will only allow you to say
The whole truth and nothing but the truth
Your truth 
No need to soothe
Your story over with sprinkles
So GO DANCE in in your glorious mess
Wounds, scars, and wrinkles
For this is where your true beauty lies
This is exactly where you become wise
Now it’s time to toss away your fear!
There is no room for him here
So move that energy around
Explore the sounds
What’s it like?
To feel in a space so profound?
Remember, stay low to the ground
Planted in the Earth
Visit it often
Give yourself permission to rebirth
Use gravity as your guide
As you roam deep inside
Your introspection 
With zero protection
Naked and Exposed
Truth can hurt like hell
Shame and grief continue to tell their stories
Lean into them
I swear it will bring you so much glory
Move through the deep work
Your ah-ha moments are on high alert
This is your path
This is your fury
So much to show for all your journeys 
So step into your power again
This is a MOment you will look back and say “that’s when…
Shit got real”
For all over again you had to feel
Revisiting places
Uncomfortable spaces
Reflections of lost
The cost
Of pain
That led to so much to gain
It’s quite a story!

Inspire us!
To take an action!
Make someone move — 
If even only a fraction
For the snowball effect
Of self-respect
Will roll
On up each new day
Accountability, will come into play
You can help empower us to get on our way 
Have a conversation with us, what do you want to say?
Let us know what’s possible
How we can bust through any obstacle
Lead by example, show us we are seen
Let’s all write a new story 
We get to start with a clean
So don’t be late
Show up for us by leaning into your process
The Universe holds space
As you undress
Your layers
Of your pages
Love and laughter, sadness and rages
This is the MOment everything uncages
Dance in it, love in it, explore all the stages
And then, once you are done
Take to the stage
It will be time for you to engage
What is the difference between being “fine” vs. thriving?
It’s when you are fierce, 
When you are deep diving
Into the swimming pools of your soul
That’s when you know
You rise out of your fears
To inspire yourself and help your peers
Do you hear the cheers?
We’ve got your back
This my friend, is a one way track 
Get in your dress
It’s time 
To BE fearless
In your life’s appearance
Your keynote address
Will be your best
Life worth living 
This is giving
All that you are
For us, for you
Be the light
Shine your star
You are held
You will glow

Choose Fearless
Chose Flow

Fearless Women Summit, Toronto ON Canada
July 2019

Written a few months before taking to the stage in front of hundreds of women to share story and speak my (honest) truths in three Canadian cities and one American city. After I wrote this I stopped being so frozen in “scared”. I pushed past fear to be fearless at the Fearless Women’s Summit, causing me to grow in a billion different ways before the first word of my talk was ever even spoken on the stage. 

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