Daylights savings has passed, Thanksgiving is over, storefronts have all been decorated and amplified Christmas music is simply unavoidable. Plus this year, we’re all in recovery from a shocking election season regardless of how, or if, you voted. Days are now darker, longer and quieter. There’s nothing innately bad or wrong about the holidays, they just tend to throw us out of routine and leave all of us vulnerable to overeating, stagnation and overspending (insert your favorite vices here). ’Tis the season!

12 Ways to Feel Good this Holiday Season:
1. Think about how you want to feel in January. “I am rested. I am healthy. I am financially secure. I am organized. I feel happy.”

2. Get (at least) 8 hours of sleep every night.

3. Exercise. Endorphins works wonders on wintertime blues and help to create a counterbalance to yummy holiday treats.

4. Drink lots of water.

5. Eat healthfully. Make time for meal prep and eating well. Make food choices based on how you want to feel in an hour, tomorrow, and next week.

6. Be intentional with your money. Avoid a new year financial hangover by creating a Holiday Spending Plan. Plan to pay off all new holiday season charges on your credit card(s) right away, not in February when they will be due. Or, even better, try debit-only spending for the month of December.

7. Say no. No is a complete sentence. Need help setting boundaries and limits? How about Codependent No More as a me-to-me gift this year?

8. Volunteer. Do expectations at work or home have you feeling maxed out? Be a part of the solution. Research your favorite cause or movement, look for local charities or contact a nearby church or temple for opportunities.

9. Double up on self-care. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Read for pleasure. Pickup a lost hobby. Book that massage.

10. Cultivate gratitude. Try naming appreciations beginning with A-Z. Be generous by sharing positive thoughts and acknowledging others. Start a journal noting three positive things everyday.

11. Spend time with nature. Get a tree or hang a wreath, bundle up and go for walks, light candles, or buy flowers.

12. Be quiet. Try prayer/meditation/yoga. Newbie? You can experiment right at home with these apps and websites.

Love this holiday season, love your life!

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