The year started with the lesson to be a glass-half-full person, thanks to my periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan, who always treated my medical issues with hope, and whose office became a magical place of catalysts and like-minded people. For being this catalyst in my life, I will always be eternally grateful the universe crossed our paths.

Shortly after, I found out an old friend Fred passed, who I lost touch with for five years. After the Fred news, the universe gave me many signs and cues. And it threw something on my computer screen that made me reach out to someone I lost touch with, and who was also on his way to becoming another Fred in my life, because I hadn’t communicated with him for four years. Our last actual conversation on the phone was six years ago. Knowing I stopped communicating with Fred, he said, “Keep in touch with me, ok?” I didn’t think much of it at first.

When we first discovered each other’s existence in the world, he used to call me on the phone – a lot, when we could talk. And I would call him, in that brief but wonderful glint of time, before our souls were meant to disperse for years. There was no fear, just the open energy of calling to hear the other person’s voice and the longing to try to be in the same room with each other when we could, like actual human beings, not the virtual robots we are now. Back then, it was the recognition of a soul we liked and valued and wanted to try to be with more.

Fred replaced that later. When I found out he passed, I realized Fred was the only person who I could call at any time of day or night who took my calls, and always with a smile and open heart. He also always replied to my emails.

Recalling that earlier friend who had the open heart and would call and take my calls back then, and his message to “keep in touch,” I reached out like we used to – on the phone, only to be met with the realization that this person had become a casualty of this era, a pod like many now who refuse to take calls or call back, and who prefer electronic communication. His message said he promised to call anyone who left a message, because, “Who calls anymore?” I left my witty reply, as our banter once used to be like when we did speak on the phone, or in person. But he never kept his promise.

I realized that I don’t respect or have time for anyone who does not have enough respect for me or themselves to make time to be present, or those who don’t keep their word. Our word is all we have. Whatever the reason is – whether it’s fear, fear of love or failure, what the future can bring, rejection of our true selves, or that one is too busy – if someone can’t be present, that’s the cue to move on to someone who values us in their lives. You’re never too busy to talk on the phone or want to be with someone you value. And our time here is equally valuable.

So I missed Fred even more. His loss left me with one final priceless lesson lately. I don’t want any friend in my life that doesn’t take my phone calls because they don’t like to take phone calls in this era, and who refuses to communicate as a person, instead of the robot hiding behind a computer who doesn’t want to be in the same room with someone they value. I don’t have energy for friends who don’t have time to reply to my emails to let me know they got it.

We all have to value ourselves more. No one is more important than another in this life. We all have meaning and purpose, a raison d’etre. Or we wouldn’t have decided to come into this life to experience it.

Yesterday, I went to the Smoke House in honor of Fred. I kept saying how I couldn’t believe he is gone, and that I let myself lose touch for all those years. This year, Fred was a catalyst that changed my life in a way I never thought someone I didn’t know well would. I’ve changed the way I live now because of that loss.

July started my mold hell. It was the biggest blessing of my year. One very hot weekend crystallized everything on the arc of this year for me. Life’s hardships are the times that truly wonderful new chapters arise from – provided we do the spiritual homework that was the reason our soul chose to create and walk through that life lesson to begin with, even if the lesson is simple or just a catalyst for something else.

Physically, it underscored the need to deal with a chronic sinus infection I was alerted about at that magical office earlier in the year. And I found out through wonderful functional medicine people that I had MARCoNS and found others who were on that sinus journey, like the creator of the Bulletproof empire, whose rinse I now use with my own blend.

That July weekend I was already scheduled to see an old friend to trade a reading for a past life regression and this reunited me with the one thing that put me on the spiritual path decades ago after reading Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters” that changed my life.

I recently got the clearest message in my regression from my Higher Self and Guides about why I was spiritually going through months of sinus infections since July’s mold hell. The answer made me laugh, while my new soul sister friend said, “Wow.” I was meant to “clear 700 years of energetic cobwebs.” And that’s exactly what I’d been doing too – in several intense regressions since July. Not a coincidence that fungus and mold are the oldest organisms on this planet, so our wise guides certainly know what they’re doing and have humor about it. I’ve done a few 90 minute regressions in the past, but found out now that three hours is the time my Higher Self needs to get the most out of each past life and its accompanying lessons for then and now.

Fred’s loss, and the path my life took later at that mold weekend that pushed me back into clearing the energetic cobwebs – has taught me the precious lesson that it’s about the true soul connections we have with people we bond with, not a DNA match, and we must value, recognize, and cherish the true soul partners on this journey. That it’s ok to drop those who aren’t meant to be soul partners on this ride, despite the physical links by blood. The physical DNA matches in our blood are of no value when we cross over. What remains are the true soul mates we chose on this path for life lessons and support. Our soul DNA’s true matches. You know who those people in your life are – you feel an immediate kinship or de ja vu, like you’ve known them before. Chances are, you did. These are our soul DNA mates, brothers and sisters, the ones who come up in past lives who we chose to play those roles and learn life lessons with.

After I realized I needed mold help, the universe brought me my mold team. I go by “K” as well, and when Dalton said, “Just the initial K? Cool!” instead of asking what it stands for. Later, both company Priuses were parallel on the street in alignment like the number “11” when he and Jim were talking, and I walked in between them and picked up a lucky penny right in the middle. Dalton said, “Synchronicity!” I had been barraging my friends with emails of lucky pennies as synchronicity signs and to hear it from a worker in your home, at a moment of mold hell – who says that?

I knew these were my people. Especially when Dalton said he was writing a spiritual book about life being earth school. I’d been saying that since 23, and to hear someone standing at my table discussing mold hell and saying that casually wasn’t just a sign from the universe, it was an anvil. The validation was that we all kept seeing time on our clocks like 1:11, or 3:22. I’d been seeing time and numbers in alignment as signs that I know I’m on the right path spiritually, and I continue to see this daily. And they recognized this too as we all spoke and marveled at the time and synchronicities of the numbers’ alignment.

This week, I got lost on a major street that I know well, finding myself making a left turn in alignment with, of all cars, Dalton’s company Prius, just as I had texted him the day before to call each other. I yelled, “I never see anyone I know on the street!” He smiled, “Yeah, I wonder why.” I said, “Because we’re all meant to know each other!” More anvils from the universe.

If I never unearthed moldy dirt in my nose that hot July weekend, and had the subsequent health and financial issues because of it, I never would’ve met or begun six soulful friendships – with Joy, Dr. C., Linda, Laura, Jim and Mark of the mold team. Six new friends borne in that moment in time. Six new friends that I now can call at anytime, who I know will take my actual phone calls (even when I don’t unblock my number), and reply to my communications.

This has mildly made up for the loss of the one person who would always take my phone calls at anytime of day years ago. It’s something I’ve been atoning for – those last years of silence – ever since I found out about Fred’s passing.

Mark on my mold team gave me a Come to Jesus talk about decluttering and mold spores in dust, which I was grateful for.

But for the new year, I’m doing something that’s probably more important – cleaning house on a soul level. I’m energetically decluttering detritus – people who are energy draining – by disconnecting from people who didn’t see my value in their life. I will put my energy where I’m valued and cherish those I value. A mutual energy exchange, not one that is one-sided. It’s draining to reach out or send an email or text when you’re thinking of someone, and the other person does not reciprocate, even if it’s just to let you know they got it. Time is too precious in life to keep heavy detritus on this short ride. I don’t care how charming or photogenic you are electronically.

Since these people didn’t care enough to reply, they probably won’t even notice we’re not around. We need to create more space to bring more in that is of value in our lives, to allow more energetically giving people in.

The beauty that arises out of the moment when you feel like life has kicked you to the curb, or you’re on your knees in front of the universe – are the reasons we chose this tough ride. Our soul’s growth.

Those of us who chose these tougher life paths are in a club we humanly think we don’t want to be in, but in reality, it’s right where we, our souls, chose to be. Perhaps we chose what seems a steeper curve for a richer reward of spiritual growth. Just don’t compare to what you think others are going through. Maybe another person’s “easy life” is hard for them.

As I close out 2018, I marvel and am eternally thankful for my mold hell in July, and for the amazing arc life takes in a year when one says “Yes” at the start of it.

When one is open to real soulful change, when one asks the universe for new like-minded friends, which for me was – believing in signs, synchronicity, the power of natural healing, intuitives, past life regression, and who will take my actual old-fashioned phone calls. In some cases, these new like-minded friends prefer and want to make time to talk on the phone the soulful old-fashioned way, not behind a device.

Most of all, these affirming people on my journey from the start of the year at that magical office, are “Yes” people to life, allowing the universe to open or close the right doors – that’s where the greatest spiritual rewards come. They aren’t procrastinators when it comes to spiritual homework. They heed it so that new, more abundant chapters can unfold. To be with spiritually like-minded souls, rather than energy drains, is like a high dose Vitamin C IV infusion in life.

I not only have six new friends, but two have become energetic adoptive father and mother figures – a fellow intuitive, a medical intuitive, and a myofunctional therapist (a word I never heard of until that mold month), these gentle pioneers in their fields who refuse to retire and go silently into the wind like many of their counterparts. We three were meant to meet and be a trio of energy for some reason at this late moment in life (to the point where we talk with the comfort and openness of those roles, which includes airing our feelings). Thanks again to the catalyst of that magical office at the start of the year that began my healing journey.

I look forward to the new year with all these new like-minded soul mates on the path who were once strangers. Like Dr. C. said, “Let’s see what the new year will bring.”

I know I bring along six friends who will answer my old-fashioned phone calls. And that’s something I didn’t have going into the new year a year ago!


  • Kari is a writer and intuitive. The Go Beyond Here podcast is on iHeart Radio and in the U.K. on Podcast Radio, which also airs in London, Birmingham, Surrey, Manchester and Glasgow. She believes in using her gift to be of service, and is a frequent guest on radio stations including WBZ iHeart Radio, Boston, and KGO, San Francisco, giving free readings to listeners connecting loved ones and pets. She's also on stations around the country, Canada, and SiriusXM. Her readings are offered in the official GRAMMY gift bags to presenters and performers, and mentioned in Harper's Bazaar. She donates readings to charities that include William Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Bylines incl.: PopSugar UK, Daily Telegraph (UK), Paste, KCET-TV, Kindred Spirit (UK). Guest blogs: Fastbikes (UK), Bike Rider (NZ), (AU).