Wildflowers in Meadow Free Stock Photo- public domain pictures

Woke up with a song
playing in my head
Like a dream
I start remembering
She’s a free and gentle flower
growing wild

Has it ever happened to you
A song you haven’t heard
for a very long time
not even your favorite 
pops up as you wake up?
“Sleep is the only freedom
that she knows”
And everytime you would try
check the words or play
to listen how it goes
It just always makes you cry?
“Let her cry for she’s a lady
Let her dream for she’s a child”
What does this all mean?
Who can relate?
Was it heaven sent?
Like a soul’s message from 
the divine world brought it
to your attention in ways 
you may later understand?
“Let me hold her for a time
I will pick her from the garden to be mine”
Shared it here with the hope
Of someone to shed some light…
Or somehow part of me already knows
It’s a cleansing of my heart and soul

Art365 on Hitrecord is a celebration of creativity around a certain theme each month. Writers shared poems, text, thoughts about Freedom’s Chain few months ago. I tried to write everyday then, anything that came up, whatever was bothering me, whatever inspired me to grow, to connect and to vibrantly express like free spirited wildflowers!

So I’m here sharing my faves from my written contributions (and links as well) about how it feels to be free. May they serve as gentle reminders, inspirations and give hope!

Do What You Love

Follow your freedom
Do what feels good
Set yourself free

Beyond Boundaries

Until we learn what we needed to learn inside the boundaries we were given..
Until we have taken control of our lives to go beyond boundaries that we thought were forbidden..
Only then we shall know our truths and the thing they call freedom

Let Freedom Swing

In life you always have the power
To go forth swing freely forward
Or pause or stop for a moment
Retreat rethink as you go back
No one is really hurrying you
You hold time in your hands
You’ll be ready and hope you know
When its time to swing again and let go

My Tiger

Free from all the black magic’s harm Prosperity received as well as charm

Lucid Dream

So when you’re in that state
control what’s happening
gently tell yourself alright
It’s all but just a dream.
Soon you’ll get over fear
no more frozen state
and when you’ve relaxed
you’ll be free to navigate

Follow Your Freedom

Your heart, your happiness and never stop exploring
Get to know your true self by
Overcoming limitations and fears
Release all of those trapped
unwanted chains of emotions, 
let go of painful memories
Learn from them lessons of love, 
gratitude and the art of forgiving

Path Of Life

We can always walk five miles or three
Forward or take a detour going with spree
And know that by walking we are free
Taking us where we’re supposed to be

Holding Space

Thank you for allowing me to be free,
Know that my heart is always in the right place..with you
As you wait, holding space for me

Old Chains

Holding on to the past
Like old collected pains
Securing her with nothing
but all useless rust chains..
I bless her with all of my love
Shed tears hope she’d be free
Because I was onced like her
Until I found the new me


Let yourself enjoy the moment
A wonderous feeling be achieved
Giving you something to believe
You have it in you all this time
Freedom and a strong-willed mind

Earth Angels

Someone you can love freely
grow fond of cause you know
they’re just as happy as they can be
and they trust you ever so dearly
They give their sweet smiles back
to you with so pure loving vitality
because that’s how they really are
always been and always will be
If you have someone I’m talking about
cherish them because you are so lucky
to have them here with you in this lifetime
tied to golden wings and chains of eternity

During this tough times, may you find your freedom and learn the healing power of writing!