It’s one of the scariest thoughts for us if we are optimistic personalities who practice the law of attraction in their lives. We go to great lengths to avoid this thought but it’s the reality of most. We do it all time: Our manifestation not comes true. Maybe It’s because we are not brave enough to release ourselves out of the habitual emotions that keep our body on autopilot, re-living the same experiences day after day? Research has proved that over 95% of our life we run on automatic pilot.

Let’s take a look at our own life as proof and experiment with destiny to see what unfolds.


I noticed that the majority of us silently hope that our lives will change dramatically and eventually without having to make any conscious effort to change. That one day I’ll wake up and that will be the day when –

I am going to realize my ultimate purpose of being

I am going to heal myself from my past and pain

► I’m going to adopt the major changes and decisions for the better…..and so on and so on.

But the truth is the Positive thinking can only get us so far. If our subconscious is thoroughly imprinted with fear from the past, the positive thought we awoke with will quickly be forgotten and hypnotized in our daily routine. By mid-day, that positive thought gets invisible out of our mind and we find that hard to keep or recall because we choose to remain in the comfort zone and Change appears to be too difficult. The magnificence within us that guides us is nothing more than a fantasy. We can often observe ourselves saying, “I’m not deserving of the life I’ve dreamed.” 

Fear of the unknown is one of the most common causes for people’s resistance to change. We’ve been pushed to believe that the unknown is a chaotic, frightening place to be. However, in reality, it is a place of great creativity and possibilities. The present moment is the unknown – free of yesterday and not yet in the tomorrow. According to the natural view, the reality is limited to the time we are in right now. To the natural view, yesterday and tomorrow are purely imaginary. A concentrated environment where we can plant new seeds based on clear heartfelt intentions of what we’d like to see manifest in our life.

As a result of this, meditative practices are developed. To achieve our goals, we must learn how thoughts and emotions work together to produce the intended outcome. It’s our emotions that keep us stuck in the past. Almost all of the thoughts we had yesterday will come back to us today in some form or another. As with brushing our teeth, change must become a habit. We now know from the most recent advances in neuroscience that we can rewire the brain to relive a previously experienced event. Again, with focused attention and awareness.

The habit of perceiving just what our senses allow blinds us to everything else. If we want to improve our ability to see the unseen, we should actively disengage our brains from sensory data and focus our attention on an invisible condition, mentally perceiving it until it has the distinctness of reality.

As a result, we become emotionally attached to and enamored with a future vision, which becomes so real to us in our mind that it literally shapes our unconscious minds to believe that we are living in that future reality now.

We must charge our thoughts with emotional energy for them to come true. Thoughts charged with emotional energy have a great effect on their thinker and the environment. Such thoughts can drive us to take action and strive to make our dreams come true. This is one of the keys to successfully use creative visualization and the law of attraction approaches.

Sounds Interesting? right

There has to be consistent inspired action as all big life changes are about to come. This is also where meditation is helpful – to become familiar with ourselves. Becoming conscious of our unconscious thoughts, behaviors and emotions that root us in the past.

We may begin to make new, consistent decisions based on what we truly desire by being aware of our unconscious. We are no longer enslaved by our old selves since we are all too familiar with them and the outcomes they create. It’s all about creating a new emotion in union with a new alive vision of the future. It’s a combination of unlearning and re-learning. As a result, we are letting go of our old selves and entering a new way of being in the world.

This process of change is uncomfortable. It’s important to let go of the old and embrace the new. The process of transformation will become simpler and easier if we invest in our future in the present.

Experiment with destiny, as I quote, which means that when we take control of our lives from the inside out, we will feel human empowerment. We’ll notice that what we accomplished on the inside resulted in this incredible feeling and experience on the outside. Then every one of us may claim, “I did it.” Doesn’t life become more fascinating and fun as a result? if we’re going to be addicted to anything, Why not be hooked to being the finest version of ourselves?

We can manifest our ultimate reality using these steps:

  1. Know Definitely what we want: 

The first step in changing the future of desire is to define our objective and knowing definitely what we want.

2. Construct an event: 

The second step is to create an event that we imagine we will experience once our need is fulfilled; an event that signals that our desire has been accomplished

3. Living in the wish fulfilled:

Thirdly we must immobilize the physical body and induce a condition akin to sleep to lie on a bed or relax in a chair and imagine that we are sleepy then with eyelids closed and our attention focused on the action we intend to experience in imagination. Mentally feel ourselves right into the proposed action imagining all the while that we are actually acting here and now.