No more seeking distractions.

No longer will I walk in the shadow of me.

I refuse to backstroke in the Lakes of Unforgiveness, while taking long sips from the straws of low self worth and Doubt.

I am done basking in the darkness of should have, could have and would have.

No, to gazing over the top of my glasses, as I watch others skip into the sunset with the love of their lives.  Memories of loves that were unwillingly sacrificed in the name of independence. 

Gone are the days of covering my arms, not wearing a bikini. Hiding from life. Thinking that my pants are just too snug on my womanly curves.

I will add to my reality that every single kinky curl and twist of my tightly coiled locks are gorgeous and unique to me. My locks are not nappy, or fake or dirty, but glorious.

 I’m waving my white flag! 

photo by Nick Owuor


That I am wonderfully and beautifully made by God, who has made me the answer to someone’s prayers.  Therefore, I enter every room eager to share my light and heal.

Light does not only shine on me, but I can cast this light upon the darkness of uncertainty. 

I embrace my whole life and truly ingest that everyday is a good day. At least, while constantly and consistently seeking more great days. 

I give in

 and accept compliments without personal repercussions.

 I bask in the awesomeness of compassion for myself. I know, with all my heart, what God has for me, is for me.  I am more than enough. You are more than enough. 

We are more than enough!

You can do this, too. 

Concede to your greatness. 

There are three ways to begin to take a chance on yourself- right now. 

Keep your eyes on the best version of you.

There is no one just like you, no one nearly as awesome. Stop looking around comparing yourself to that person over there or this person right here. The only person you should compare yourself to, is the best version of you.  

That person is your North Star.

Love the one you are with.

No matter where you go, there you are. You are and always will be your own most significant companion. You sleep, drink and eat with you! So, no holding back! Love every curl, curve and wrinkle. Embrace the love that you can deliver.  Be a friend to yourself. 

Listen to “Them”.

There are whispers of encouragement embedded in the obstacles you face and low vibrational energy you receive. “They,” the ones you have been taught to ignore, are   telling you how awesome, great and powerful you are capable of becoming. When you are in the midst of becoming, it is extremely attractive to those who vibrate both high and low.  By questioning and doubting your greatness, any critic of yours is actually verifying that it is true.  

The world needs your intellect, ideas, gifts and creations. Stop holding back. Give up the goods! 

Bet on yourself because the best version of you is waiting to be set free. 

Concede to your greatness.