The time has come , time to sit back and enjoy what nature has in store . It is a life lesson which teaches us to appreciate and value what we have . So instead of wondering about what we can’t have , let’s just appreciate what we can have . The lockdown in most parts of the world has created a dent  and many are staying indoors out of choice while quite a few are forced to . During this time we should reflect on what we desire . Choice is ours whether we see the glass as half empty or half full .

Earlier we used to wish for days to have more than 24 hours . If only time could hold still , so that we may make time for ourselves .  Once in a while  wanted to savour some family time and relish our meals . We really desired to unwind and inhale the freshness of flowers . Just wanted to pause and enjoy the aroma of coffee and even at times just wanted to switch off and take a guilt-free nap .

One really doesn’t need to fall sick to reflect where he has gone wrong . It should be done on a regular basis , we all can and should master the art of doing nothing . Doing nothing does not equate to laziness or being inactive . It simply means taking out time for yourself , to allow your mind and soul to unwind . It enables our minds to get rid of any negativity and helps in rejuvenation of our soul . As a result our body gets healthier and happier.

It reflects on our face and makes us more attractive .

A gentle reminder – in our daily endeavours we do a lot more and actually live a lot less . The effortless acts of kindness , smiling bathing , meditating and just listening to the blowing wind helps us to relax . These humble acts of actually doing nothing holds a precious lesson . It  kind of gives  consent to our minds to be one with the nature and offcourse ourselves . It is easier said than done but if we don’t try , we won’t know where we are in our journey .

Most of us merely exist not live . Schools teach art and science but none in the world teach  how to deal with life situations . At times our bodies crave to go on a  vacation so does our soul  . Be gentle with yourself and allow it to live not just survive .

Listening to the silence can be like personification of mystery unfolding itself . Dealing with emotions can act like catharsis it could be more like being aware of your own secrets ,the ones’ we shy away from . Instead of being opinionated try n be more mindful of your thoughts . The art of doing nothing actually connects us with our own self. Go ahead and give it try ,who knows a different you is waiting to be found .