Trains, planes, cars, cafe’s and even restrooms, today with smartphones and the technology we all travel around with, work becomes a twenty-four-seven activity, gone are the days of the nine to five job, gone are the days of the office.

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Our office or workplace have come home with us, for the workaholics and career-driven individuals, like you and me, this can only be a positive thing.

But not all is as it seems because with the twenty-four-hour workday comes stress, work overload, hundreds of half-finished pieces, essays and spreadsheets. Not only does the work come home with us but the stress follows the work through the same door, into your private space, whilst you eat, spend time with your children and even visit the restroom.

As the subtitle of this article wrongly suggests, you have to create your perfect environment, there is not a perfect environment.

Without a perfect environment, the imagination and creativity one once held many years ago whilst sat at a desk with a pen and paper has seemed to disappear along with the scheduled work hours.

The mind, however, the mind holds no permanent fixtures or fittings, it can easily change and drift from environment to environment without anyone even noticing, the mind is free twenty-four hours a day, it can be cleared, emptied and refreshed with new ideas.

The perfect environment this article speaks of comes from the mind.

For years my own mind environment was cluttered with old, unwanted fixtures, people that never wanted to leave and I never had the skills to redecorate and change what I thought of as happiness.

Instead, I accepted what I had and lived a life of false smiles, pressure, and stress. Until I came to realize the mind’s environment is interchangeable, nothing is permanent, with the right tools like diet, meditation and exercise I could change the environment of my mind to a happy, peaceful place that holds no past and only looks forward or at least stays in the present.

You have the tools to change your environment as well, you just have to start with the basics above and rest will follow.

Diet is one of if not the major factor in the change, provide your body and mind with the correct fuel it needs and the rest will follow.

Meditation, just a simple ten minutes in the early hours of the morning will refresh your mind, clear out the past and keep you fixed in the present, ready for today, preparing for tomorrow.

Exercise for me plays an important part in my mind’s environment, almost in a meditative state whilst participating in any exercise as the mind struggles to drift when focused on such a high-intensity activity.

All of these will help you gain self-control of your mind and give you the building blocks you need to change the current environment it resides in.

To contradict my own argument, the physical environment does play a part in crafting the perfect mental environment, adjust your own environment accordingly whether that be in the form of your office, home or desk. Work in an environment surrounded in the things that help you find peace in the world, music, photos, smells, even the chair you sit on.

It all plays an important role in clearing out your mind from the negativity the modern-day lifestyle may bring, focus on you, focus on your health and free your mind. Only invite in positive people, only read and watch positive posts, cut out all negativity from your life and your tomorrow will seem a lot brighter than yesterday.

From the outside to the inside, they all help us along the journey to finding the perfection we all seek, but it’s the environment in the mind that will bring you happiness and content. So let’s begin to make a change.