“It is as noble to receive as it is to give.”

~ Gandhi

When I began to understand the universe and the laws of attraction, I realized that I needed to change my perception of what it meant to receive. To manifest, one needs to receive, graciously and without remorse or apology; otherwise, the universe will pass you by, providing for someone open to accepting it’s bounty.

Manifestation works on both physical and emotional planes; whether we seek things or situations, our intention must be clear. Because our thoughts are our reality, what we think or feel will affect the outcome either consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes we aren’t aware of thoughts that may harm attracting what we seek. Even one kernel of denial or lack of acceptance in our belief system may hinder the desired result.

There are givers and takers in the world. I’m a giver. So, taking made me uncomfortable; denying the need for any help, I could manage myself.

“Takers are self-focused and put their own interests ahead of others’ needs. They try to gain as much as possible from their interactions while contributing as little as they can in return.”

Upon examination of old beliefs, I realized I had negative feelings associated with being a taker.

I knew I had to find a balance between the two to create the world I envisioned for myself. Looking at the differences between the words taker and receiver gave me room to change my perspective.

 A receiver is egalitarian, and the act of receiving is an exhibition of grace.

Here’s the catch. The universe recognizes giving and receiving go hand in hand. To reject the offering of someone giving is an affront not only to that person but also to the manifestation laws. We must give what we want to receive.

Give happiness to those around you: family, friends, and strangers alike, and happiness will return to you.

Love abundantly, and love will abound.

Enter into relationships with impressions of joy and abundance, and they will flourish with the same.

Giving and receiving are partners. We need to honor both equally—the laws of attraction work when we balance with them. Therefore, if we do not receive graciously, we miss an opportunity to validate the giver, also thwarting the universe’s manifestation.

Further, without the ability to receive with open hearts, giving with an open heart cannot exist. Giving freely opens a portal to abundance. The more we give, the more we receive, with one caveat; we cannot expect anything in return. The expectation of the payback puts a brake on the flow of the universe.

Bask in the immense feelings of gratitude when you give your time, heart, or emotions graciously. Simply doing so will alert the universe you are willing to receive. When the reciprocity begins, here are ways to receive with grace.

The Art of Gracious Acceptance

A genuine thank you from your heart is all that is needed. And a follow-up expression of your gratitude with how much you appreciate the gift, gesture, or sentiment if you feel compelled.

Accept the gift or compliment without diffusing it with a wave of a hand or dismissal. This is seen as an insult to the giver, and it also signals to the universe you do not want effortless abundance.

Counter your urge to react with immediate reciprocation. This obligatory quality defeats the energy from the giver’s intent.

If you have a negative reaction to something given, reflect within where this feeling dwells. Remember, it is the thought that counts. If it is something you do not like, want or need, exchange it if possible or pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. Remaining steadfast in gratitude.

Gifts, whether gestures or material, are blessings of the law of attraction. It is a beacon from the universe, alerting us that it has our back and our needs will always be met. Returning the service, compliment, or gift received with gratitude is an infinite statement about our willingness to receive those things we deserve.

Our consciousness creates our reality. To have, we must give; to give, we must receive. The fullness of life is unlocked directly with our ability to express gracious acceptance. Here’s to happy manifesting!

Accepting another person’s gift is allowing him to express his feelings for you.”

Alexander McCall Smith


  • Charisse Glenn

    Casting Director, Equestrian and Creator of The Let Go

    Charisse Glenn, Casting Director, Equestrian, and Creator of The Let Go She is 63 pushing upwards, gray, aging gracefully and has lots to say.  She is half Japanese and has the wisdom of that culture she was born into. US-born she has been a casting director for commercials in Los Angeles for 35 years and is an equestrian having competed in 100-mile horse races around the world. The blog she writes called The Let Go serves as a reminder to let go of all that no longer works in our lives, opening a pathway to happiness, love, and balance. Proudly she embraces the freedoms age provides serving as a role model to both men and women. She is a badass with a beautiful soft touch. You can find her on either of her websites or follow her on social media. Follower her on Clubbhose: Let That Shit Go!