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Lately “Letting go” has been a pivotal ritual that is constantly changing the dynamics of my reality. It is a major precept of mending that is barely discussed. Though we live in a fast moving world why is it taking so much of time and conscious efforts to let go of our thoughts and feelings? Have you ever thought about it? Bit surprising, right? We all have loads of baggage’s in our lives which we are striving to let go. Embarrassments, a relationship that was already over, failures, bitterness of betrayal, a past life that is now only a shadow, loss of dear ones, anger, hatred, negative thoughts, doubts, a desire to know, leaving one’s comfort zone or familiar situations the list goes on and on. What are we doing with all these burdens? We tightly hold on to our hurt, our rage, and our embarrassments, which will end up in altering our actions in the present.

Why is it so challenging and grievous to let go? There are countless answers as there are questions but one element I have noticed they all have in general is that, letting go is a process of moving into the unknown. I am not sure about everyone but I have had a major habit of replaying my regrets, failures over and over again, and still am working on getting rid of this habit. At times I used to clutch on to my frustrations and worries with the belief that doing so would somehow empower me to achieve what I wanted. This emotional immaturity earned me nothing but the nickname of “cry baby” among people especially my friends. Eventually, I realized it will do nothing but deteriorate my body and mind. It was high time to push on and change my ways. It took me a long time to get along with the art of letting go and even longer to accept, that some things weren’t destined for me.

From my small experiences, let me share some steps which aided me in letting go of emotions and situations. By the way for me the process is still on, and there’s even more to go! I find letting go as a troublesome mechanism, but in my experience taking that one step can do wonders in your life. Before you start off on the path of finding closure, for taking it all out of your system, take some time for yourself to have a check on what actually happened to you. Open up your heart to dear ones; cry it out, shout, scream do whatever you feel like you need to do to get over it. I bet we can’t find a better way of doing this than sharing it all with your friends and family. We need to take some time out of the busy schedules to relax, to put things on the right track and to let go. Take a break from our daily routines, no phones, no internet.

And yet if it happens that you find it hard to cut yourself from the same instances and from the same people, it is time to engage with the world around you. Keep a watch on how the world moves around you, see how people are engrossed in living there own present. Observe the minute changes in nature like a dandelion flying in the wind. Start doing something that you really love to do. A book, music, game, painting, writing…anything you fancy!

Forgiveness is also another inevitable part of letting go. Primarily work on forgiving yourself, then the situation and people; don’t let your thoughts wander down that road again. Forgiveness is imperative for finding an emotional closure. Without forgiveness, you are the only one who carries the burden of negative emotions with you, permitting them to bother every aspect of your present life. Forgiveness is a beautiful option that we can opt for to get away from our emotional traumas of anger, hatred and bitterness. The choice to forgiving is not always easy but for sure a necessary one.

I believe letting go of bad incidents, notions, thoughts and even people is an unfolding action for anyone who wishes to grow spiritually. Moreover it’s a vital need to cleanse our soul. To become a better person to know ourselves more, we need to let go of things and people. So let us work towards it as much as possible, not when we are under stress and have no other way out, but currently, while we are strong enough to take an effective decision for ourselves. Life isn’t easy anytime, it keeps hurting, taunting, but we keep moving. Sit back and enjoy the process of letting go as often as you can. Every occasion is a chance to let go and feel composed.

So friends, brush off the dust and the cobwebs off your mind and soul, and open the windows of your heart to let the rays of new ideas, experiences, people, life, lighten up your world.

The ground is yours what are you clinging on to that’s holding you back? What’s the first step usually you take to letting go?

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