Everyone loves to hear a comeback story.  It creates a connection of hope and encouragement that we too will be able to create a new roadmap when we’ve encountered a roadblock.  Have you ever wondered what qualities contribute to navigating change? 

As an entrepreneurial coach, I have had the privilege of working with business owners who have accepted the challenge and successfully moved towards a new or improved goal.

Entrepreneurship takes a tremendous amount of courage to follow our dreams and there are no guarantees for success.  In fact I have often heard the comment: “Where is the manual!”  We often need to be flexible, open to change and have the ability to listen to our customer in order to create a sustainable business.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have successfully changed my business model by listening to my customers.  I have found myself in a place of reinvention after changing direction and welcoming a course correction when circumstances in life altered my path creating new opportunities.

What I have come to realize is that there are three distinct qualities that contribute to our ability to navigate change.   

I call them the 3-D’s.  

These qualities lead to the art of reinvention and provide the foundation to move forward when creating a new roadmap. There is no specific timetable for the journey but these qualities will certainly contribute to a new and innovative plan.

1) Drive
This is the quality that we most refer to as the “gas for the engine.”  The thing that propels you forward with hope and conviction.  It is the very same quality that starts you on your journey and is the “thing” that will resurface when you find yourself in a place of reinvention.

2) Determination
The Cambridge dictionary meaning for the word is “the ability to continue trying to do something; although it is very difficult.”  This most often is referred to as picking yourself up by the bootstraps and moving forward.  It comes from a place of creative imagination and supports a feeling of hope.   When you feel that every door is closed… You look for an open window.

3) Discipline
Is the ability to create a plan and execute with precision until you find an opening that encourages your success.  It never waivers and you often find that that this is the very quality that provides reassurance that the current situation is temporary.  Just follow a process, create a new idea, develop a plan and find an opportunity.

We often find ourselves at one time or another in a place of reinvention.  At times it is circumstantial, but, one thing is for sure it is when the chips are down that you become the most innovative and collaborative.  We create opportunities that lead us to a place that is usually better than where we started and encourages us to continue with the risk and reward for continued success.

I admire those who are able to share their stories because at the same time we learn from their experience while developing new skills. 

I would venture to guess that everyone in life at one time or another has had some kind of setback that created the need for a comeback.

It would be interesting to note if the 3-D’s are common amongst all who have enjoyed the art of reinvention. The phenomenon encourages others to break their own barriers to success.

Everyone appreciates the hard work required to navigate change and transformation, we always seem to route for the underdog.  These stories create a feel good experience so that we too may be realistic when considering our own journey.

You may find an opportunity will come knocking through the art of reinvention.

We look forward to reading your stories…


  • Trish Tonaj

    Author, Artist, Speaker, Founder/Host ShareYourStories.online


    Trish is an, author, artist and speaker on mentorship.   She has published 2 books: Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories and A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools. With a love for writing she has co-authored a complimentary e-magazine W2 = Wealth and Wellbeing. She is the founder/host for the #ShareYourStories series and invites you to participate with your feature.  https://bit.ly/37N3XQw