In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, you’re constantly seeing signs to work out, learn to cook or stitch a mask- to pick up skills. While it is useful, you’re probably stressed.

Stress is a normal reaction in uncertain situations. As a result, being the modern humans we are, leaving your phone alone may be a little hard – considering, it is your only shot at staying connected with people you find comfort in.

We seemed to be stressed collectively, along with this little pug. Image from Unsplash.

How do you take a break without feeling the constant nab of taking up a new hobby? or leaving your phone?

Boon or bane, we live in a world where there is an app for everything. By everything, I mean everything.
Even if it is to hear Captain Holt say “Hot Damn”

In such situations, there are multiple ways to de-stress without having to leave your phone and take a break. Don’t let paranoia get the best of you, visiting and re-visiting some of these tricks might just help you!

1. Breathe, literally!

A reminder! Image from Unsplash

The easiest way to ground yourself and to keep calm is what you do all the time- breathe!

Breathe in and breathe out – for five counts, or even more if you feel like it. This sends a signal to your nervous system to take a chill pill and automatically hit reset on whatever it is, that you were worrying about.

Can’t seem to do this alone? Check out Calm for more on guided meditations, stories and breathing exercises to improve your mental health and well-being.

2. Be vocal, speak up and speak out

Social media has made us more connected than ever but you can truly never know how someone feels unless you speak to them. Look back on all your memories as a young child. You never made connections out of a series of emojis or memes, you made them by sharing your thoughts and stories with another person.

Image from Unsplash.

There is strength in reminiscing. Hearing someone else’s story or just their mundane events can make you feel a certain type of way, which is important.
Now is also a good time to reconnect with older friends that you might have shared pleasant memories with!

Relationships in your life shouldn’t go for a toss. Stay close to the ones who matter to you, they’re only a call away with QTalk.

3. Lo and behold, feast your eyes and ears

A sweet sight for sore eyes and a stressed mind is a light-hearted TV show. Through these months, there has been a spike in the number of people who’ve been streaming content.

Image from Unsplash.

Forbes estimates that there is going to be a massive boom in virtual entertainment, with a sharp decrease in live entertainment. As a result, OTT platforms among the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu along with YouTube are seeing a sharp growth in users.

Personally, I very well fit the brief for this category. I’ve gone back to watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S while streaming stand-up comedians play Pictionary on Zoom, on YouTube. With newer movies releasing on these platforms, I can only see how I’d increase my screen time as a result.

I did miss movie night dearly but not so much after knowing of the existence of screen sharing. Everything has some sense of orderliness when you can laugh with your friends over a YouTube video or a movie – and not just text them about it.

I’ve been enjoying the experience of Netflix Party – movie nights are still very much a thing. Besides, my days seem less mundane when I can attend a virtual comedy show with my friends while I speak to them, courtesy of QTalk.

4. All play doesn’t make Jack a dull boy

The way we spend time now is different. A significant shift in morning routines and commute time has resulted in spare time or nap time or however-you-want-to-spend-it time. To many, this slot is filled with video games.

Image from Unsplash.

According to The Economist, there is a clear surge in streaming platforms and the video game industry. More idle time has resulted in people taking to games, with Steam hitting 11% over their current capacity and Twitch experiencing their viewership double.

Games have become a way of being social, allowing more people to hang out with their friends and family while staying at home.

Separated by distance, connected by screens?

This looks like our new normal for the foreseeable future. Image from Unsplash

In a time where we grow to rely on all the possibilities technology offers, we should be making the most of it. Even in the most uncertain times, we’ve made feats to stay in touch with each other and make the process entertaining!

The past makes the present better. If you find yourself visiting instances in your life that takes you back to a happier place, a place with no worries, where you were once carefree – embrace it and make the most out of it!

There are many more ways to help you de-stress. If anything, there is power in togetherness – which you should experience too! Connect with your friends during stressful periods, it’ll help you more than you know.