Restaurants are principally “Traders”, and this trade must come from the heart, a love for food, love for wine and love for fellow human beings; the art is to create experiences in which all entities are taken care, from the suppliers to the guests, from the most little detail on the restaurant floor to the servers smile and proficiency.

Restaurant service requires training, confidence in what we are doing is a must in order to take every customer on a journey, disarm any preconception or judgement and provide unique Food & Beverage pairing experiences, and sometimes with a symbiosis with arts and/or music.

Successful restaurants are sensitive to every thing that happens around, from the customers, the staff and every dish coming out of the kitchen. Above all, the success of any restaurant is a team effort and is essential to learn how to inspire our staff.

The manager biggest enemy is his ego. Once you believe that you are more important than the customer, you´ve lost the plot. We work for those who work for us.

Don’t make it all about the Cheff, sometimes that will make it black and white, the strategy and success will come from a good leadership making the team efforts aligned to a certain objective and vision. Remember that is a love of food, a love for wine and a love for our fellow human beings that will set the tone. The restaurant experience starts everyday from the scratch.

Enjoy your meal.