Developing The Muscle Of Motion

I often wonder why some of us are just naturally inclined to get the job done. Why it seems easy to go from concept to planning to execution while others want to talk about things and never leave the ground. Could this skill be taught? Is it belief or fear that stops so many before they even try?

According to Fresh Books entrepreneurial statistics, there are 27 million self employed professionals in the USA and 1 in 5 workers will completely change their career once they enter entrepreneurship. It seems understanding the art of personal execution is critical to the success of any self employment. This segment of professionals needs a skill set that is often not discussed in college classrooms or career planning centers. In fact, it might be questioned whether it’s nature or nurture that prompts some of us to consistently take action to accomplish any goal.

Here’s what Self Starters have in common:

  • The belief they need to count on themselves
  • The focus to work consistently towards the goal
  • The ability to remain fluid within the process
  • The penchant for improvement
  • The Confidence gained from completed starts

All of these factors combine to give the Self Starter the power to not only take the leap, but to enjoy the creative process of accomplishing their goals. 

My friends have commented to me in the past, “Wow, I’m not like you. I would never say or do that. You’re clever to get that started“. But am I really different? I don’t think so at all.

I think everyone has the right to count on themselves and focus on what they want in a career, business, relationship, spiritual path, or family life. I am no different from others, but my mental road blocks are minimal. If I want to do something  new, it’s an adventure. If someone asks, “Have you done this before?”, I simply say, “No”. It’s honest, but I attach no negative connotation to my answer. It just is. It just is the truth in this moment and that will soon change. This is how a Self Starter sees opportunity where others see roadblocks.

Why do we rely on ourselves? We know we’ll get the job done because look at our track record! We understand it’s a cycle and we’ve been through it many times. We actually may have more difficulty delegating to others if they do not display the same passion for action.

So how do we teach others this skill? Can it be taught? Many of the Self Starters I know are consistently used to relying on themselves. They’re not waiting for a coworker or family member to figure it out or save them. It’s a mindset of taking care of themselves more than an ego boost of reaping any reward. Self Starters aren’t trying to one up a colleague. It’s not in their nature to compete against others. They’re competing against themselves and more importantly excited by the idea of execution. Once they see the positive results of a product launched or service rendered, they’re thrilled to tackle the next idea and the next idea. It’s the creation and execution that validates their sense of “I’m taking care of myself and I’m taking care of you too”.

Applications of self starting should be introduced in schools. Imagine if we validated the creation of a solution AND the execution of that solution in equal amounts. We’d have children building confidence through action versus waiting for  directives. Finding solutions is just one part of the process. As we all know, it’s the actions that guarantee the success.

Self starting is a skill that I execute naturally and often overlook its importance. If you asked me yesterday, “ Are you an author?”, I’d have to say, “No”. If you asked me today… well, thanks to self starting, I guess I am.

Anita Bhattacharya, NCIDQ is a business owner, licensed interior designer, and President of the Alliance of Interior Designers in Raleigh, NC. To learn more about Anita, please visit her website or contact her directly at [email protected]