One of the fundamental rules of manifestation is your energy (vibration i.e., happiness, joy etc.) must be a match with that which you want to attract in order for it to come into being.

For example, if you want a better relationship or greater financial abundance your true core feelings and thoughts about relationships and money must be a direct positive match. Simple idea yes but hard to truly master.

Here are some ways to help you get and stay in the energetic state you need to be in so to allow the universe to deliver to you the essence of what you are vibrating.

Step 1 – Become aware of what you want and then careful and truthfully examine the associated “stories” you are telling yourself about that which you want. Clearly identify in these “stories” what high and low vibration thoughts and feelings you are having i.e., good feeling thoughts – love, joy, gratitude; low ones – anger, jealousy.

Step 2 – Stop speaking about things that you do not want.

You should now be aware of what low vibration stories/thoughts/feelings you are having.

With this awareness you now need to make a commitment to stop indulging in these thoughts or feelings when they arise and distract yourself. Think of it like seeing the train at the station but not allowing it to leave. Eventually the better you get at stopping and redirecting your thoughts the weaker your attachment to these thoughts and feelings will be and in time they will disappear.

Step 3Tell it how you want things to be, not how it is. People think you should tell it like it is but that just keeps you stuck in the same energy. You are the creator of your life and you can choose to tell a different story of what is happening simply by looking through a different lens and changing what you focus on. For example, you can make the choice to no longer tell the story of ‘being in a bad relationship’ and instead focus your attention on what is right and working and share this “good news” instead.  As you begin to do this you will notice the good feeling-thoughts in this area growing and strengthening and in in time you will see that you attract that great relationship you desire, whether it is with your current partner or someone else. The key here is the cultivating and maintaining of that core desired feeling.