College life can be a pain in the neck. What with the endless exams, that sadistic lecturer who seems not to appear for classes for a whole semester only to give you some voluminous PDFs to go through 2 weeks to the exam, that capstone project assigned to you in a group but you end up contributing 80% of the work while the other group members are just lazing around. And then there is that professor who is so eager to hand in failing grades to the whole class just so that you know that the unit he was teaching is really hard. Then there is the pressure by family members to perform.

College relationships are also wobbly. Today, you have a girlfriend but tomorrow she leaves you for the moneyed guy who drinks wine everyday and has a big body frame, thanks to the campus gym services. And so when she leaves you, you are forlorn and angry. You had invested so much emotions in the intimacy but now she is gone and you do not have a girl to warm your bed.

Get creative about your sex life

Masturbation is an art which everyone is trying to master. It helps you unwind in that after you are done, you feel as though the sexual tension that was heavy on your shoulders has dissipated. I have personally found a very nice way to do it using the realistic freshlight sleeeves that leave you satiated and feeling great about the experience.

Unlike some few years ago when young people were virile, had sexual stamina and high hormonal levels, today things have really changed. According to Healthline, young people are on are also suffering from low testosterone levels which affect their sex lives because without testosterone, one will have low libido and might even have erectile dysfunction problems. To beat this, one can use PDE-5 PDE5 Inhibitors that will help bring back your t levels to an optimum.

Stimulate your mind with novels and any other creative activity you love

Other than grabbing statistics, programming and economic books, it is good for you to once in a while, grab a novel, a movie and stimulate your mind with it. Relax reading has been found to help you lessen the strain in your brain and give you time to rejuvenate.

In college, I loved binge watching adult movies. Not the hardcore stuff that just shows people having sex from the start of the movie to the end. No, adult movies that had stories and narratives of people, how they met, how the dated and then ends up showing lovely, intimate sex as they shower love unto each other.

Reconnect with nature

Go out alone or with friends to animal parks and arboretums near you and listen to the birds chirp, the wind blow sweet music into the trees and relax. Relish the moment and forget that assignment, term paper and project for a while as you enjoy the environment