Your mental health is 70% responsible for the person you are! It determines the way you feel and conducts yourself in the world. Your mental health also dictates the choices you make in life and also impacts your health. Hence, it is necessary for you to attend to your mental health and ensure that it’s in a good condition. In recent times, many people are reporting mental health issues because of the restricted life condition due to the pandemic. If you are one of them, it is necessary for you to address your mental health issue and ensure that you live well.

Views by William D King

Mental health comprises your physical, mental, and emotional spheres which you need to look into. All these three aspects play an important role in keeping you healthy and stable. If you are not feeling like yourself and want some help to bring balance to your mental health, you need to address these three aspects correctly. The following pointers can help:

  1. The physical health

Have you noticed that when you get a fever or have a low appetite it has an effect on your mood? If yes, then it’s essential for you to know that the mind is linked to the body or vice versa. If you don’t keep your body well, it will reflect on your mind. Hence, during this pandemic phase when the mind has its own struggles, it is necessary for you to address your physical health as well. Make sure that you eat nutritious meals and also eat it at the right time says, William D King. That aside, you should also take out time to exercise every day for about 30 minutes to stay agile and healthy.

  • The mental health

Mental health can indicate a broad sphere! But to narrow it down it indicates your thinking process. During the pandemic, most people have recorded unsteady mental health because of the negative occurrences all around the globe. It has induced fear amongst everyone and has forced them to think negatively about life. Hence, it is essential that you calm your mind and settle the innumerable thoughts that run your mind. One of the best ways to calm the mind and gain clarity of thoughts is by practicing meditation. You don’t have to be an expert at this. You can practice daily for 15 minutes and feel the benefit.

  • The emotional health

None of us are used to stay at home for such a prolonged time. And this has resulted in people feeling stagnant and stuck. Also, living the same way for too long can often bring up repressed emotions from the past that you might find it challenging to address. If you are someone who feels triggered by specific thoughts or actions of others, it is essential for you to seek therapy. Today, you can also opt-in for online counseling and take help from an expert to address your emotional health and gain peace and comfort.

If you want your mental health to be stable during the pandemic, you need to address all these three aspects equally.