“Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel.” — Susan Trainor

Some people prefer to workout alone, either at the gym or at home. However, many of us prefer to work out as part of a group.

Let me ask you something: would you be willing to work out with a bunch of strangers next to you? Yes, there is a chance you may feel a little bit of awkwardness around them at first, but did you know that having people next to you while doing a routine together can be both beneficial for your health and social life?

Group fitness has become a big thing in the world of wellness. As it is filled with high energy, upbeat music, and fast pace—the fitness maniacs are starting to love it.

If you have taken a Zumba or boot camp class, then you have tried the fitness group already. However, for those of you that are yet to experience working out in a group, here’s how beneficial group fitness can be on your daily basis.

What is a Group Fitness Class?

First of all, why should you try group fitness classes? Admit it; sometimes you feel like you’re losing motivation to workout. There’s nothing wrong with working out alone, but the feeling of working out with someone is something like no other.

If you happen to witness any form of fitness that’s done in a group setting whether at the gym or any public places, lead by a personal trainer or group instructor—chances are it is a group fitness class.

After this form of exercise has made a name for itself in the fitness world, many gyms now offer group fitness classes encompassing core, cardio, cycling, and strength training. You can discover more at Vivotion official blog.

It’s okay if you want to workout alone, but if you find yourself unmotivated to do your routine alone, take some time to try something new because you never know, a unique experience may help you to get back on track. Perhaps a group fitness class will give you some answers.

The Benefits
We want to help you use the enthusiasm and energy of the group as your fuel to stay fit and healthy. Therefore we have worked out the five most significant benefits of group fitness to your health and social life. These benefits will guarantee you extra motivation whilst also providing the fun of a friendly competition whilst working out.

One of the reasons why some fitness enthusiasts prefer a group fitness class is it allows them to work with a fitness professional without the high costs. Some hire a personal trainer mainly because they still need help with accountability, form and overall results.

But you can now start working with a professional fitness trainer without paying too much money. However, there will be times when the trainer may not be available to you at all times, but when you have them in a group class, they will always be ready to hear and answer your questions.

If you’re not yet ready to take the class, you can watch a group training class and observe how they do it. With that, you can learn a lot just by watching and listening, and once you’re ready, you will know what to do and be aware of the surroundings..

1.#: Improves Overall Health
For most of us, the primary reason why you sign up and enrol in a group fitness class is to keep your mind and body fit and healthy. Sparking potential brand new relationships is just a bonus. A group fitness class can include any method of exercise — for example aerobic, strength and weight training, boxing, soul cycle, Zumba, yoga and more.

These exercises guarantee you the benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional skills.

2.#: Adds Motivation
Taking a group fitness class adds motivation as there is no other way to get motivated in a workout than being with other people next to you. You will push yourself to do the same or to do more when you see the people around you work hard to get in their best shape.

In a group fitness class, each of the members inspires one another to utilise one’s ability and break the limitations. This allows you to achieve the desired results as you become more accountable in your fitness.

3.#: Develops Socialisation
If you want more exposure to new people in the community, participating in a group fitness class will guarantee you that. This will help you increase the chances of developing a new friendship and bond with them.

This will also be useful for enhancing your confidence, self-esteem, and mental health.

4.#: Provides Clear Structure
One of the reasons to consider why people join a group fitness class is to get a clear structure and guide to your fitness journey. By taking part in a group class, you will avoid confusion as to what routines and exercises you should be doing as well as the correct way as to how a specific exercise should be carried out.

5.#: Makes You More Responsible
Once you already enrolled for a group fitness class, for many, there’s no turning back. This will, therefore, help you to become more responsible for your actions

Admit it, whenever you work out alone, you probably slack off from time to time, but with a group fitness training, you may feel more of a responsibility to give 100% during the whole workout. Also, considering that you paid for this class, you have to remind yourself to be responsible for your spending, time and effort will not be wasted.

You can inquire about group fitness classes that are available for you to try if you have a membership already. If not, you can take advantage of free trials at nearby studios to see which style of group fitness you like best.

Let yourself explore and discover more, and try something new. Remember to surround yourself around fitness-minded people. With group fitness training, positivity can be so contagious!