‘From one point of view, the Sun is the dominant factor and the constellations merely form a background for measuring its motion and its cyclically altered relationship to the Earth.

‘In the second case, the active factor is space itself — and we would say today galactic space. The Sun is only a focalizing instrument — some occultists have said ‘a window’ through which pours day in and day out the immense energies of a space which is far more than three-dimensional and physical.

[Gary’s note: The Aether of Einstein, the undulating nothingness from which all manifests, is according to the mage, the substance of space.]

‘These two concepts of the fundamental nature of the Life-force can be called respectively monotheistic and pantheistic. Any student of religion knows how fiercely the Christian church has fought against anything related to pantheism. Witness the condemnation by the Roman Catholic Church a few years ago of Teillard de Chardin’s world view, in spite of his constant efforts to disclaim any pantheistic influence.

‘In archaic astrology, at least in some countries, the twelve constellations were understood to be the collective bodies of ‘creative hierarchies’ belonging to a cosmic ‘World of Formation’ — which in its totality might today be called the Divine Mind.

‘From this point of view the Sun — and in a secondary way the Moon and the planets — were thought to be agencies that mobilized and released the creative energies of this Divine Mind.

‘Other constellations might also be creative aspects of this Divine Mind but because they did not have in the Sun and the planets direct channels to step down their energies to the level of human vibrations and consciousness they were only rarely effective in a human sense. The twelve zodiacal hierarchies were therefore the only ones truly in charge of life processes on Earth.

‘Such a cosmic picture was essentially ‘pantheistic,’ even if the metaphysical seer was able dimly to envision beyond this ‘sphere of the fixed stars’ a still more transcendent realm, the realm of the Primum Mobile, or in more philosophical terms that of the forever unknowable Absolute, the Ain Soph of the Kabbalah. In contrast to it we have the ‘monotheistic’ world picture in which the One God manifesting Himself vividly and personal to man is represented by the Sun, the solar I AM, the Egyptian Aton.’ – pgs 16 -17

Gary’s Note:
The undifferentiated Void goes by many names in human terms, such as the forever unknowable Absolute, the Ain Soph and the Dao. It is ‘the name that cannot be named’ because it is unobserveable. It is unobservable because it is non-specific.

Language labels objects with specificity, labels differentiate, differentiation separates from the Unobservable. Again, it is unobservable because it is undifferentiated. As soon as it is differentiated, it is observed with specificity. Not labeling quiets the conditioned mind. It expands awareness and opens another way of seeing and living.’

I have referred to mage consciousness as being another name for the Void. However, these posts are progressive and now I realize the Mage is an intermediary between the non-specific Void and specific human awareness. The magnetic electrons of the Mage change state between manifest and unmanifest, existence and ‘non-existence’ (at least to human awareness.) Therefore mage consciousness is trans-dimensional.

The Non-specific Void

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We are living in an age of extreme individualism, and the ‘humanistic’ approach to astrology which I have been formulating for many years seeks to bring to individual persons a more conscious realization of the deeper meaning of their experiences, so that they may be able to fulfill both their essential individuality and their destiny, that is, their place and function in the universe.

In this type of astrology the human being is not understood to be exterior to his birth chart; he or she is not supposed to ‘rule’ it by repressing its ‘bad’ features and seeking to profit from the ‘good’ ones.

The birth chart is seen as the formula structurally defining a man’s ‘fundamental nature.’ It is a complex cosmic symbol — a word or logos revealing what the person is potentially. It is the individual person’s ‘celestial name,’ and also a set of instructions on how a person can best actualize what at his birth was only pure potential — ‘seed potentiality.’ The birth chart is a mandala, a means to achieve an all-inclusive integration of the personality…. – pg 20

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