Being a leader is not for everyone.

It’s a position that can be done in a ton of different ways and every leader can hold different attributes. For many, a leader is a top dog, but sometimes leaders are the people who can simply bring everyone together and hold a strong communication quality.

It’s hard to nail down exactly what a leader is, but in every situation, it’s an important position to hold. Every leader brings a different strength to the table, and the best leaders are always trying to improve themselves so they can be a better person and leader.

But what qualities and attributes should a leader hold and how can you recognize if you have them?


Being honest to yourself, as well as the people you lead and work alongside, is an important attribute to hold. A leader’s integrity is everything and if your workers can not trust you, there will be some major problems with your relationship.

Tell the truth, tell it how it is, and open up to others; if you can do these things, you are off to a great start as a leader. You can’t expect your followers to be honest with you if you are not honest with them.


A leader must be confident in themselves and their abilities, even when things may not be perfect. No matter the situation, remaining confident that they can play a positive part is the fuel that will keep a leader from doubting themselves.

To appear confident, don’t be afraid to show off some swagger and decisive when working alongside your followers.


Setting a goal and remaining committed to it is a crucial part of being a leader. You will be tested; you will be doubted; you will be challenged; but you must keep going and that involves the type of commitment that a leader must hold.

Sometimes, just staying late and being early is enough to influence someone to work a little harder. If you care about your work – and you show all of the other qualities that make others look up to you – then your followers will be influenced to do the same.


You must be able to remain calm and collected during pressure situations. This is an attribute that can’t always be taught but is something you can work at through new online practical assessment tests.

If you want to be a leader, you may have to adapt new tactics that will help you remain composed when you are working long, stressful hours. Yoga, meditating, listening to music, and more; there are a ton of great ways to help you stay composed at all times.


Not everybody has the ability to articulate their thoughts in an effective way at all times. If you are some sort of leader in the business world, communicating is the backbone of everything and poor communication is the early signs of failure.

Words can be extremely powerful and they can do a lot of things if used in the right way. Many leaders in our history have flourished from just using their words, and you can do the same.


There is a creative aspect of being a leader that helps you succeed in times when you need to access your critical thinking skills.

Showing creativity at times when the path is not always so clear and when things do not come as easy as you’d like is an important part of being a leader.


Care for your employees and coworkers. It will make you a better leader and person, which will make your employees work hard for you. Unfortunately, empathy is one of the attributes that many leaders forget about and keeps them from becoming a great leader.

Listen to your followers and understand what makes them tick. After that, you can empathize with their situation and figure out the best possible working relationship to build off of.

The End

The power of a good leader can fuel you, your followers, the company you work with, and more. There are many attributes that can help you be a positive leader for the people who look up to you and, at the same time, keep you living a healthy, happy life.

If you are able to follow the 7 attributes above when considering the type of leader you want to be, you stand a good chance of succeeding.

By being a leader, it doesn’t mean that you are perfect and have no room for improvement. In fact, a leader is someone who is always trying to better themselves and the relationships they have with others.