Dexter Morgenstern

Meet Dexter Morgenstern, a multi-tasking entertainer. He loves to create art in the fields such as music, writing, acting, etc. He is gradually getting his due recognition, and his dedication and sincerity towards work will surely lead Dexter to success.

The key to Dexter’s success in the entertainment industry

Morgenstern believes that passion, vigilance, and network have led him to success. He knows what he wants to do and figures out how to get it done. Dexter also puts in the time, energy, and consistency into turning his art into a career. He believes that networking is crucial. ‘It’s hard to be a lone wolf. Build your team out there.’ marks Dexter.

Morgenstern’s professional front

Dexter Morgenstern is an author, actor, model, and musician. While pursuing his artistic passions, Dexter put himself through business and marketing school to transform his talents into a career and do what he loves for a living. ‘Now, as I write and perform, especially as a person of color, I want to motivate others to break the wheel and do the same.’ claims Dexter.

A life-changing moment in Dexter’s career

Morgenstern says that the books he read as a teenager have impacted his mindset. He states that he will never forget the moments or lessons those books gave him. He shares an incident wherein a lady sent him a video of her child reading the book written by Dexter. ‘I don’t know, but he was inspired. The feeling of knowing someone who got lost in a world you created is magical.’ adds Morgenstern.

The inspiration behind Dexter’s work

Morgenstern states that writing books and playing music make him the happiest. However, the readers who review his books and the people who dance to his music inspired him to work with utmost dedication. Dexter has decided that this is what he is going to do for the rest of his life.

Valuable advice to the budding entrepreneurs

Dexter says that it’s a long game. So, actions you take over the next week can affect where you are ten years from now. He says that one has to learn to save and spend time and money wisely. He also suggests the upcoming entrepreneurs allow their bodies to take time to heal, process, and recover. That way, they can approach their work and art with clarity. Lastly, he asks people to be honest about what they need and where they are going.