Across the world something is happening; many people are suffering from headaches, dizziness and sleepless nights. These are people from all walks of life and not just those in high-end, stress-forming, managerial positions, but everyone from stay at home mothers to even the Doctors themselves, people are suffering.

These very intense headaches are occurring in people who have never suffered from migraines, who may even, have a healthy lifestyle, and have never been ill a day in their life. In addition, for those people who are suffering with these symptoms, it is absolutely terrifying.

The unbelievable headaches, tiredness, and vertigo suffered by many people around the world is discussed in great detail on social media, and only those who are living with it can understand the strange feelings that accompany it. As your head feels constantly heavy, as if someone is pressing down on you. Whilst a figure eight is drawn round your temporal lobes with a hot knife.

However, whilst all this is happening to you physiologically there is something else happening to you which is quite astounding. There may be certain experiences in your life which you find difficult to explain such as lights turning on and off on their own, or you could have vivid dreams and nightmares, whilst electronics seem to malfunction around you like your watch or phone battery constantly out of battery. Then there are actual sensory experiences such as, you begin to see things out the corner of your eye, or you hear noises in the next room when no-one else is home.

There is a medical term that certain Doctors like to use and it is Psyche and Soma. In other words, the physiological is affecting the spiritual, or the mind affecting the body.

When we have been in a period of stressful situations, our immune levels are depleted leading to all manner of infections and complications. How many people get colds on holiday? The stress of work is gone and now it’s time to relax, as we do our immunity and adrenal becomes low and infections come to the fore.

In the world, today there is so much uncertainty, in our jobs and with our general safety with the threat of terrorism, to changes in the political landscape of world players. Could we all be living with a level of unconscious stress which is triggering our headaches, and dizziness, or is there something more fundamental happening?

The world waxes and wanes and just as it changes so do we spiritually. The periods of societal change and spiritual awareness marry together in their developments. The Classical world saw reason and belief come together through philosophy, while the Renaissance saw beauty, art, and culture develop alongside the changes within Christianity from Catholicism to Protestantism and the development of Islam. The Enlightenment brought about new advancements within medicine and science, also saw spiritual reason and practical belief. Whilst, the Industrial Age gave sway to two world wars and it also saw the rise of individual belief and the secularization of established religion.

Are we now, almost twenty years into a new millennium developing a new awareness; a spiritual belief system of individuality and freedom? One in which people suffer with headaches, dizziness and tiredness whilst at the same time developing a spiritual awareness they never knew they had? Are we now after thousands of years of evolution beginning to wake up? Is this the Age of Awakening?

If so, how and what can we do to encourage it?

First and foremost, if you are suffering with the symptoms listed, see your Doctor immediately and have tests. Be aware that taking pain killers with Codeine in will actually contribute to your headache, developing in what is known as a codeine migraine.’ This creates a vicious circle of taking more pills to subdue the pain caused by them in the first place.

Secondly, you need to keep a diary of your migraines, list all activities before and after the attack, including food and drink. Thirdly, keep a record of all strange occurrences happening within your life and try to understand why it is happening to you now.

 Lastly, do not fight the changes that are happening within you. The result may mean you change your job, move, or leave your present circumstances but whatever the future holds for you, know that these changes occurring within you now are for a reason, a positive reason.

So, open your eyes and finally see the world around you for you have been Awakened.