Don’t jump too fast to answer this question, take a few moments to consider it.

Are you complaining about reaching your goals?

You’ll be tempted to say no, but let me help you root out these hidden grumblings.

You want to root them out and stop them because they’re a major factor in mediocre results in life.

Complaining about your goals shows up in a sneaky way. It slips in the side door, and it sounds like this:

“Uggg, work is so stressful since I got that promotion.”
“Paying taxes sucks.”
“My daughter’s so strong willed!”

Notice, the words aren’t the same as shouting outright that you’re miserable since hitting your goals, but the message to the universe is the same.

Work is stressful since your promotion? Take an inventory of the character traits and skills you need to handle the new role with more ease.

Paying taxes sucks? That means earning money sucks too. If you don’t want to pay taxes, stop earning money.

Your daughter is strong willed? That’s great! Were you hoping to raise a weak and timid mouse who can’t stand up for herself?

Your thoughts and beliefs are building your life.

Mixed messages lead to mixed results.

The universe is going to help you every step of the way.

Desiring a goal and working toward it? Great, the universe helps bring you and your goal together.

Complaining about the after effects of reaching your goal? The universe hears you, and it’s confused. Did you want that thing or didn’t you?

Stop and start, winning and losing, one step forward and one step back are the result.

Make amends.

Spend some time quietly contemplating areas where you may be complaining about the goals you reached.

Get honest. Have you been grateful for your success or complaining about it.

Is this really a goal you want to maintain? If no, then go ahead and release it.

If yes, then find a way to not grumble about it.

You can reframe the situation to look at it from a different perspective.

You can recruit help.

You can grow your character and your skills to be better equipped.

You can be happy and grateful for all the parts that are going great, and not focus on the few annoyances.

Your life is rich with blessings. Let the universe know you can handle even more awesomeness by correcting any complaints before they slip out.

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