A rightist who is inclined to the left, a leftist inclined to the right, and others trying to combine the two approaches are only part of the reasons for the confusion around the classic definitions of right and left throughout the world. 

What does our future hold?

Will we see the two extremes come closer? 

We must learn to combine all the tendencies that nature has given us in the middle line. To build ourselves together as one human body, in balance and mutual completion. 

Ofer Nakash

Our attitude to all levels of existence: economic, social, cultural and actually everything, is differentiated between the right and left approaches. But when examining these things objectively, we discover a great gap in ideology between each side and its implementation. 

Why does this occur?

We live in an uncorrected society, where we haven’t yet truly defined man and the world’s identity, which makes both the right and the left not actually real. The element controlling our lives and our reality as a result is man’s limited ego, which is simply a transition to our true state that we must reach.

In our time a person can be very right, and at the same time actually go to the left, or the opposite. It’s all determined by calculations of the ego and the benefits of being connected to various interest groups. So the standard division of right and left throughout humanity or in a certain country, is not accurate nor justified, and it’s useless to adhere to it as the ultimate truth. 

By nature people are born with different tendencies. Some are attracted to power and status, others to concessions and compromises. Some strive to take everything from everyone, and others are willing to give easily. Just as in the natural system where the two forces of existence are in constant fluctuation; plus and minus, rejection and attraction, giving and receiving. So also in man and society, there must be two opposing forces. A duality that exists on all levels, material, psychological and spiritual.

One tendency is to complete, to connect, to compromise, and is defined as the force of bestowal, the desire to bestow. The opposite tendency is to limit, to define and maintain boundaries, and is defined as the force of reception, the desire to receive. These tendencies exist in everyone. What differentiates people and nations is the combination, complexity and dominance of the tendencies.

Life has proven that agreements between right and left do not hold up, since the egoistic nature of man does not allow them to be respected. We change from moment to moment, by the ego that is growing. The incessant development of the ego is the root cause of the clash between right and left, which will only intensify.

Will we take a more right-wing approach in the future? Or more leftist?

Such short periods will occur and then reverse, but in principle the two tendencies must always exist. However, the intensification of the ego on the one hand and the world becoming more connected on the other, can certainly lead to a world war, and to general destruction.

Opposing tendencies are rooted in nature, and they will be more powerfully revealed to force us to build a balancing system between them. Just as there is a plus and a minus in electricity, and between them the opposites connect to perform some function. The same goes for man, but for that, there has to be some common goal we want to succeed at together. 

Currently there is no political, cultural, social or economic system where proper human integration can be seen. Where we can learn more about reconciliation between opposing tendencies. It exists in technology and in the inanimate, plant and animal levels of nature. But on the human level, we still cannot produce the forces and knowledge for balancing two opposite forces.

Here is the place and time to say that right without left, or left without right, will not benefit us. Both sides must be linked in a correct and balanced manner. Each side on its own has no value. Only the combination of the two, the assembly of the two in a new way, called the “middle line” will provide genuine benefit.

The middle line begins to be constructed when people realize that only connecting above all differences has any value. Without it any inclination, trait or power can be considered pointless. There is no reality for one without the other, so we see that neither side succeeds even when it is in control.

In the middle line there will be both right and left, in sharing, in understanding, and in reciprocity. The main thing for them will be the connection between them. We see how in nature there is no other possibility to exist: an atom, a molecule, our living body, everything only exists according to the law of balance between opposites. We must learn to combine all the tendencies that nature has given us in the middle line. To build ourselves together as one human body, in balance and mutual completion. 

What will be the common thing we create?

Something out of this world. Something wonderful. Through proper connection between right and left we can attain a higher power, and this will already be a development in a new degree of existence: a spiritual, eternal degree.

Where can we start the process?

By investing in education and information, so that there is a common understanding of how the law of development in nature promotes us as a human race, as a state and as a society. 

The most important discussion of all should focus on this topic: 

What is the revised form we are striving for? 

What is the desirable state from our perspective? 

Once it is clear what the future vision is, we can see how to apply a balanced approach in all the tendencies that exist in society, in order to reach that perfect state.

From the sources:

“Each and every individual will understand that his own benefit and the benefit of the collective are one and the same thing. In that, the world will come to its full correction.”

“Everything in reality, good and bad, and even the most harmful in the world, has a right to exist and should not be eradicated from the world and destroyed. We must only mend and reform it.”

“It would be better for us to take the law of development under our own hands and government, for then we will rid ourselves of any torment that the developmental history has in store for us from this day forth.”

Baal HaSulam – Peace in the World


  • Ofer Nakash

    Speaker & Workshop Facilitator of Integral Method

    A lecturer and facilitator of the integral method for optimal human integration. Main topics include understanding the meaning of life, interpretation of the Zohar, becoming more familiar with our true human nature and the human ego, expanding our emotional intelligence, tapping into our collective consciousness, and the integral education method. All of the above is based on 20 years of experience in the study and practice of the wisdom of Kabbalah.