When you become a mom there is no handbook. In fact it’s more like someone throwing a tiny human at you and saying “Good luck!” Let’s face it we are all faking it till we make it and just hoping we don’t totally mess up our kids. Being an entrepreneur AND a mom is like that x10. 

It’s basically a sh*t show on a good day.  

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a decade and a mom almost as long. I’ve realized that the two don’t exist in separate universes, they work together. Being a mother makes me a better entrepreneur and vice versa. And both scream at you and drive you crazy from time to time but when it goes your way it’s so worth it.

As a mom to two little ladies and a furry little guy (my dog, not a very hairy child), what I’ve realized is there is no secret sauce to being a mom entrepreneur but there are a few tips I’ve taken away. 

So if you are a fan of unsolicited but non-judgmental advice, pour yourself a glass and keep reading.

Tip #1: Done Is Better Than Perfect 

You have to let go. You will forget a permission slip, the kids will go to school missing a shoe, book or coat, and your launch won’t always go smoothly. Nothing is perfect, the sooner that you manage your expectations and accept that perfection is impossible the better. Taking imperfect action is always better than waiting for something to be 100% perfect. 

Tip #2: Babe, You Gotta Have Priorities

You can’t do it all. Even if you aren’t juggling kids and a business, it’s important to prioritize your schedule. I like to set small goals daily that I know I can get done. Big goals are not giant steps, they are tiny ones. So, next time your kid is screaming and you are trying to finish an important email, think about which is more important at that moment. No judgement if you let the kiddo wail for a minute. 

Tip #3: Take a Deep F’ing Breath

Any mom knows that things rarely go as planned. One moment you’ll have the kids dressed in adorable matching outfits and the next thing you know they are covered in who-knows-what #momlife. As an entrepreneur it’s equally important to be able to adapt quickly and take a breather. There will be a sick kiddo on an important day. There will be a crying child when you are on an important call. There will be a work emergency on the way to dance lessons. Sh*t happens. It is a challenge to stay flexible, it takes practice but it is what keeps me sane(ish) and has allowed me to grow.

Tip #4: No More Guilt 

Working mom guilt is real and there is no such thing as a perfect mom. While being an entrepreneur can provide more flexibility, like working from home and making your own schedule, it also means increased pressure to keep your momentum up if you have nothing to fall back on. There will always be the “I should” thoughts that pop up. I should be spending more time with my kids. I should really focus on business this week. You have to throw those thoughts out the window. Some days you will do more “moming” and others you will spend more time with your CEO hat on and that’s more than okay!

At the end of the day, you know what’s best. This goes for your kids and for your business. Own it, give yourself a break and know that you’re doing the best you can. You got this mama.