Create a spot for solitude and silence in your mind

Sri Sachchidanada Swamiji

As the world settles into their new routine of working from home, home schooling, taking care of elders, leading and managing a team doing all we can to settle into a new routine . We need to continuously remember that we are privileged to be working from home and we must give charity to any cause that is close to us. My family gives charity to food banks here at home in Canada and in India.

During this time, we find new ways to balance our work with our family commitments, express compassion for others who are struggling with either loss of a loved one, loss of income, loss of hope or the feeling of loss. Be kind, help where we can and choose our words when we are in a conversation. Kindness is so important, when having a conversation it is choose your words to create a safe space that is kind and compassionate. Let us all be good human beings, the world is now in pain, we must be humble with humanity.

I fell in love with myself all over again

Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness Book

During this time it is our frontline workers who are facing the eye of the storm coming in and landing in their path. We watch the news, feeling anxious and inadequate to help which makes us feel stressed.

Whatever emotions you are feeling, it is important to take time to write everyday at least 3 things/person that we are grateful for and why . Reflect on the impact during this time of quarantine.

4 things to start doing today

  • Self care is self compassion – do the things that are important to you
  • Take one day and unplug and connect with yourself
  • Create a self talk daily mantra for yourself mine is “I live in love, kindness, compassion and gratitude everyday”
  • Start that passion project that has been on your list for years, take one step at a time and start it today. You cannot grow anything that you have not started