Vernell and Veronica Beckum are the founders of Business with The Beckums; a diverse brand that has helped numerous individuals achieve their life’s goals.

In this article, Vernell and Veronica discuss the values and principles that have helped them overcome anxiety and achieve success as business owners. 

Keeping off stress and avoiding Burnout.  

Every day, we face a lot of stressful situations. And a lot of times, this leads to mental breakdowns, illness, and burnout. 

Stress is a global phenomenon and unfortunately, it’s inevitable. In light of this, Veronica suggests you get organized. The more structured things are the better. You can get more structured by creating a routine and ensuring you stick to it. 

A routine helps maintain productivity and sanity even when things aren’t going as planned. You also have the ability to manage time within routines and this can help decide what activities are best suited for spending your most valued time.  

Personal growth

Achieving personal growth in any aspect of your life requires that you master the spirit of perseverance. This will help as things don’t kick off immediately; however, the time for a breakthrough will come and all of the hard work will pay off. 

To achieve true personal growth, Vernell recommends that you avoid giving yourself excuses and focus on getting results. Do the hardest thing first, this way, your toughest work is done when there is more strength. 

You should also make sure to cheer yourself and avoid self-loathing when mistakes are made.  

Honesty is also a personal growth quality that you should try to groom. It’s very important because people admire this statute. “Individuals who don’t appreciate honesty are not the right people to surround yourself with. Move on and find like minds.” – Vernell shares. 

Achieving Success

Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it. No truer words have been spoken. For anyone wanting to achieve success in life, you have to make a decision by yourself to set out and get it. To help you out with this, Vernell and Veronica curated a list of habits you need to acquire. These habits will help you in your daily struggles to achieve success;

  • Set Goals. Goals should be time-bound and could be Daily Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.  
  • Take Risks – Risks sometimes birth failure and disappointments however, risks can and usually yield results.  
  • Conceptualize and actively picture expected success. Make it a playful activity. Planning your life is fun!