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What are you going to do? Any future plan of persuading your Masters or getting married ? These questions, I remember being asked by family, relatives and friends . At that time, I didn’t know what to say, as I had many plans dancing around my head. Getting your dream job, then car license, followed by having your own car and the list goes on…

Your little head is full of planning however everything could be achieved in order in its own timeline. It simply looks like a bowl of fresh salad with an array of coloured fruits that look alluring and tasty but when you looked back it requires a tons of hard work, dose of self empowerment and positive attitude of the farmer.

Am I feeling like a failure??

The beginning of a harsh reality. Nothing is the same. A NEW Journey in unknown direction . Life is a flux, nothing remains as sparkly as you ever thought after the graduation. Now, is the time, when you undergo thousands of interviews, written tests but at last got rejected. You might had the best interview sessions but you failed to give your best or somehow regretted after rejecting a job. Your career route which hasn’t yet started came to an end. At such facet, you see your world crumbling to pieces facing failure, self embarrassment and mostly losing your self esteem. Don’t let your life just wave you back and pass by . This is the time to fight against, give a loud punch and change yourself for a good cause. This new life of yours require a different YOU. First, attach yourself to a mission calling or purpose, through this direction, you are going to change your world. Stepping out of your cushy walls of comfort zone is the first rule along with own weapons on your shoulders called resilience , courage and positivism to re- align your actions as a powerful version of YOU by beating your own fears.

The society don’t reward the failures.

Rejection means of Redirection. This what I called ‘a changing process‘. Being a victim of failure means doubting yourself in terms of capacity, ability or not giving the best out of yourself but still tying to prove yourself to the society.  This has always been an ongoing process for many of us. Those who have not failed haven’t tried. Failing is like a scar which remains permanently though keeps reminding us of how vigorously you dealt with .

Life knocked me down more than a few times. I was never been away from failure . I must admit , I’ve been through immense successes yet still tasted decline. Seriously it was unpleasantly sour. No one can ever escape from such downfall. Successful persons do fail in life despite having gone through skyscrapers. At some point of life, I myself gave up ,fully dropped my weapons and the belief in myself  came to an end. It seemed like looking for a needle lost in a dense forest. The mind stops functioning, despite all certificates/qualifications you feel emptied and drained. I have been in such bad situation where I felt like out of the joint ,adrift from my positive energy and took over a leap of uncertainty, anxiety and contempt . It hurts a bit and sometimes a lot. Don’t focus on the problems rather focus on the solutions.

Kill what kills you .

I feared the reaction of people. ‘what they will think of me’ ,Why I fail ? lack of qualifications or maybe not eligible enough for the job .What will people say have killed a lot of dreams. It happen so when you put every bit of yourself yet your effort or talent aren’t recognized. YOU FELT VOID. Sound weird!!!. Sometimes due to fear, we aren’t able to give the best(100%) of ourself  and this reacts to another level of sinking of your ship. The fear of failing. It is what is it. Fear, acts as a catalyst that goes on triumphant and the actions go undo resulting in low performance. The power to prove yourself goes in vain, trying to prove you abilities turn against yourself and failed at giving a good response to that particular doubtful mind that is devouring your knowledge, wisdom and faith in oneself. Acknowledge is the first key.

Feed faith in yourself not fear. Unleashing your self doubts are crucial, from not being afraid to grow slowly but standing still like a mountain. Don’t be scared to fail rather be positive when failures cross your lane. Failures hinder growth, so don’t let your fear of failing become an insurmountable obstacle. To thrive success, we must fight. Combat for who you are and what you want to become. Divert yourself for what others claim you to be a ‘failure’. I have seen that most of the people seldom have only one question just after asking for your well being, ‘where you are working ‘,  ‘what is you job title’ reacts to a conversation killer.

The butterfly is only beautiful because the Caterpillar is brave. Flowers need time to bloom, so do you. In this slow learning process, all you require is to give yourself time.You achieve what you believe. Sharing these tripartite approaches to value yourself and fight for what you truly desire in this wild world.

  • Beat you fears

Let your roar be heard. Its okay to fail. I failed to succeed better. Its a learning process. Try to quell you fear with tenacity. Survival of the fittest is requisite . Sometimes out of the strongest or the witty, those fighting with braveness consistently wins. The change is within yourself . lets learn from this scenario .’A fight between a cat and a crocodile’. No one can win against a crocodile unless being armed , still it seems impossible. Here, a crocodile is trying to capture its prey , the cat noticed, instead of running of out fear, it came forward in an aggressive mood trying to protect its territory. Its shocking to imagine but its real. The reptile looked confused as no animals have never be able to fight against them. This tiny mammal didn’t stop, but try to face the survival strategy. At the end, the crocodile stepped and crawled back to the mud. This is a lesson for us. The unknowing fact is that “the weakness mind can have the strongest will power”. We need to try even though we encounter failures thousands times. Failures are all-important.

  • Awake your baby Instinct

You failed yesterday, today though you may forget how many times you failed but you will always bear in mind the lessons you learnt , the opportunities that came after, your transformation process evolution . Just as a battery can be replaced in a dead mobile alike after failing you can stand up proudly, strangle your fear and kicked back hitting the bull. Don’t allow circumstances to take over your belief. Lets rewind the clock. Do you remember those days as kids, how many times you felt down bumping your head , hands ,legs while crawling, walking and jumping but you never stop. You LEARN to walk despite plenty of errors and trials. As kid, you couldn’t understand the proper meaning of failing out. You never  got disheartened though you continued until you were satisfied. Your Parents were happy while cheering you by clapping their hands to boost you up. Your changeover as a kid to adulthood was extraordinary. At that crucial period of life, being kids, we did not stop striving, so how could we stop now?  The baby instinct in within ourselves till now. We just need to strengthen our backs and take the risk along with our wounds, scars and bruises.

  • Calm over Chaos

Self improvement is essential if you are facing a chaotic war in your mind. It creates worry, dissatisfaction, sleeplessness and frustration. Sometimes, hiding that trauma will only make you more depressed and disconnected from your goals. Everything will programmed to be in freeze mode but its a need to recognize your self respect , help yourself and heal in a new brand way. Give yourself a little grace. Knock the barrier with braveness and confidence. Find comfort in the chaos. They hold a meaning. Give yourself the permission to choose what is best of you. Let go, all those that irritates you in your professional path. Create your own opportunities and use them to heal create, grow and mostly trust yourself. We all deserve out a new perspective.

The pathway to your greatest potential is straight through your greatest fear.