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TRAVELING is kind an activity that people are looking for to escaping from their life for while. Reflecting of mind and body through the traveling could make us better as a new human to be back into our routine, such as work or study.

Meeting new people, learn new culture and gained new perspective and insight would be shaping us richer as a human being in this world. But, beyond of that, traveling also holds many benefits. Included fo those who would like to strengthening their relationship. It could be as family, parent, couple or to increase a connection each others.

In this world, there are several countries whose citizen love to conduct travel most. Finlandia as one of country whose citizens are love traveling around the world. Followed by United States, Sweeden, and Denmark. Meanwhile, Hong Kong represent Asian as a country whose most love traveling around world.

Angela M Durko and James F Petrick  from Departement of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Texas A& M University conducted the research about behind of benenift of traveling for our relationship. Here the list:

  • Strong the connection and memories of family bonds

When member of family spend their time to do traveling together, it would give them a time to connect each other deeper. Mostly of the time might had been stole with various activities outside, never has a special time to them or even make them rarely to conduct conversation. That is the reason, now you have to prepared a moment to spend, laugh and explore the world together with those loved.

Traveling would create strong connection. You will have more memories time with your children and soulmate. Besides that, the connection had been created during traveling would be build positive communication. Also, it will help you to reduce any stress and tension. So, go to explore the world!

  • Improving quality relationship and reduce of divorce

Those who has a huge routine and activity outside, automatically has a impact for their relationships. Not to mention the stressful cases that often hit.  The existing workload will also affect our psychology. Through the traveling, it would help you and partner to fix your relationship to keep intimate and properly.

In some studies also found that couple who often do traveling would be more closer and improve their communication skill during vacation. Do not let stress and workload break your relationship with the one loved. It is time for you and partner to enjoy the world and be intimate more.

  • Increasing happiness and well-being

Traveling that you do, would be one of factor to increasing your happiness and well-being. In addition, this routine also help you to improve your quality of life. What you did during traveling, even has role to increase family-life satisfaction and also physical health.

Do not wait until everything is ready. But prepare it now to exploring new world in front of you. And let’s create sweet memories with those loved, again and over again.