Finding talented and skilled employees companies need is not nearly as easy as some employers like to believe. Most leaders and managers agree on the benefit of a holistic approach to staffing. On the other hand, when we are plunged into the whirlwind of everyday life, it is difficult to take a moment to think about long-term plans when deadlines are rapidly approaching. Creating a flexible staffing strategy allows you to effectively meet the needs of your business at all times, throughout the year.

The Dangers of a Strict Staffing Strategy

It seems natural for a company to always adjust the number of its employees according to the business opportunities it has. However, the sad result of this tactic is a cycle of hiring and then layoffs that erode morale and decrease productivity, followed by a new wave of hiring when business improves. It is preferable to establish a flexible staffing plan through staffing solution in Hawaii that provides for the dynamic composition of full-time employees and very talented temporary professionals. This staffing strategy allows companies of all sizes and from all backgrounds to easily increase their workforce when necessary, depending on the workload.

Rather than trying to systematically fill positions or hire new full-time employees as soon as you launch a new project, a flexible staffing strategy gives you the opportunity to design a comprehensive staffing solution. Take a moment to think: have your needs changed since the last time you hired an employee? Is it better to entrust your new project only to full-time employees, or to a team made up of permanent and temporary talents? The concept is simple: employees for your needs, not just to occupy the space.

The benefits of flexibility

You save money.  By creating a pool of full-time and contract workers, you can turn some of your fixed staff costs into variable costs because you only pay for the talent you need, when you really need it to need. In addition, you decrease the costs associated with hiring and training new staff, as well as reducing overtime expenses.

You improve your competitive position.  A flexible staffing strategy gives you better control over your workforce. This translates into a clear advantage over your competitors who have adopted a rigid structure for managing their workforce since they are more vulnerable to the vagaries of economic cycles.

You improve employee retention. A combination of temporary and permanent professionals gives your basic service employees some protection during layoff cycles. Increasing job security and job satisfaction, not to mention the support of their temporary colleagues, will give your employees the feeling of being important, which will increase employee retention. When you are in the middle of the hiring process, you have to make wise choices, because hiring the wrong person can have serious financial consequences. 

You release some full-time employees.  If you ask temporary workers to do some of your team’s daily tasks, your existing staff will have the chance to take on more complex challenges and even take time off from time to time.

You can find specialists quickly.  If a new project requires specialized knowledge that your internal team does not have; you can hire professionals for a project or ask for help from advisers who are very good at this kind of task.

You can check the potential of your recruits.  A flexible staffing strategy allows you to observe and assess the professionals you have hired for a project to see how they would integrate with your core staff and your management team. Having the opportunity to assess a potential employee in the workplace provides a better insight into their personality than their resume or interview.

Collaborate with a staffing agency.

Experts from a specialized staffing agency like staffing solution Hawaii can help you find the best interim professionals and full-time employees in your community and in your industry, quickly and efficiently. The best agencies like staffing solution Hawaii have been working for years to select successful and motivated candidates who will perfectly suit the organizational culture of their clients.

A staffing solution Hawaii can also save you money by managing all aspects of the staffing process: individual interviews, assessments of technical skills, assessment of interpersonal skills and potential integration of the candidate into your Workplace. If you use a traditional job board, you could cast far too wide and receive job applications from candidates who are not qualified for the job.


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