As a child, we are regularly given opportunities to be creative and explore our imaginations. Whether it be in art class or when completing a project, art was always around us. Now, as adults, unless you’re in a creative field, you probably don’t get tasked with drawing or painting something at your job. Typically, you’re too busy getting all your daily tasks done at work and at home even to have time for a hobby. However, taking the time to actually try painting or another form of art, an be very beneficial to reducing your stress levels and avoiding burnout. Here are some ways that art can benefit working adults. 

Burnout stems from the constant stress and pressures of your everyday life, but especially at work. While some people reduce their stress through exercise or taking time off, another great method is making art. It doesn’t matter the kind of art you make, the act of creating something helps reduce stress by taking your mind away from the things causing stress. It clears some headspace for a more calming activity, which can help you reset and recharge. Don’t be afraid just to be creative; you don’t have to actually be “good’ for it to be beneficial. Try drawing, doing photography, or even drawing something in an app on your phone to experience the benefits of art.

While art is extremely beneficial for your mind and stress management, it can also be a great way to improve your creativity and problem-solving skills. The act of creating a piece of art engages your imagination and allows you to see the many sides to something. You’ll learn to find a different perspective and be encouraged to have more open-ended thinking. If a group of people is asked to create artwork that is inspired by the same topic, each piece will come out differently. This creativity is encouraged in art and can help you begin to think outside the box in other areas of your life. 

Creating art may result in a beautiful piece that you want to display and share with others, but the creative process can also result in stress reduction and increased creativity. Try creating something the next time you feel stressed or just bored, and you may find that there are many great benefits of art.