The Benefits Of Being Organized

Being organized can help us to be more productive. It gives us a better sense of security and confidence. Inevitably, highly organized people seem to enjoy higher levels of success. Conversely being disorganized can leave us feeling stressed out, off balance and thoroughly exhausted. 

Being organized starts in the mind and ends with action. By completing one task at a time, without distraction, we are naturally going to accomplish our goals faster and more efficiently. Life starts to get easier.

Starting to feel that we are getting things accomplished can give us a great boost of energy, help us to manage stress, sleep better, save money and generally increase our productivity. For some, being organized is more of a mindset rather than a way of living.

However, for those of us who are not naturally wired to think that way it is possible to use tricks and strategies to get started. By following some simple rules and applying them consistently, we can organize ourselves in a way that brings calmness and order to our lives.

Developing Helpful Habits

Sustained behaviour changes come with building good habits – they are self reinforcing. We form mental associations when we repeat actions over and over again. We then stop thinking and just do!

If we structure a good habit into our day we take away the stress of decision making.  With a small amount of initial discipline, we can create a new habit that requires little effort to maintain.

For example, keeping detailed to-do-lists as part of our new routine, will help us to stop putting things off and to start gaining a sense of control. By writing things down we are much more likely to complete our tasks and ultimately reach our goals.

It’s important to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if we struggle with money matters, then we could look out for some free budget printables. This will help us to organize our finances by breaking things down into categories. By bringing in some structure we will begin to see what works best for us.

Knowing we have our accounting under control can help us to maximise our money.


Being disorganized can carry a mental and financial cost.  However, by examining some of the drawbacks of our disordered behaviour, we may become motivated with good reason to want to change. 

Living in a state of chaos makes it impossible to be fully focused but by being organized we can start to prioritise what’s important to us. Simple tricks like getting an early start, prepping the night before, setting daily goals or creating an orderly environment, can all start to set us on the right path.

We may not think that being organized has anything to do with our confidence, but it can really play an important role. Getting organised is a powerfully resilient way to build our self-belief.

Confidence is a direct result of being prepared. When we have a game plan and the tools needed to attack a situation we have already taken advantage of this very simple, yet powerful concept. With added structure in our lives we become calmer and more focused, this is better for our physical and mental well-being and helps us to be more in control of our lives.