Volunteer work and community service are the unsung heroes of the world. Through the actions of many, the world continues to spin, and the lives of everyone improves. The ultimate goal may differ, depending on the organization, but the simple truth is that they are all making an impact.

The benefits of community service should never be overlooked, as they are varied and build up over time. While most people tend to volunteer simply because they want to make a difference, this action creates a domino effect – a positive one.

Volunteering Forges New Connections

One of the many advantages of volunteering is the friends one finds along the way. Community service gets people out of their normal interaction bubble, providing them with opportunities to make new friends, create new social groups, and even build work-relevant connections.

Gaining a Sense of Purpose

There is nothing better than the feeling of making a positive impact on the world. Volunteering and community service provide people with a sense of purpose. They feel proud of the work they’re accomplishing, and overall that tends to help self-esteem and our outlook on life.

Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk

Yes, you read that one right. According to research, people who volunteer are potentially at a lower risk for Alzheimer’s or dementiaThe Journal of Gerontology believes that this is because social work improves the elasticity in the brain, which has a direct impact on potential risks later in life.

Wears Down Biases and Judgements

Volunteering and community service are excellent ways to expand your experience – and change what you see on a daily basis. One can easily experience different traditions and qualities of life by stepping out to help others.

In turn, all of those new experiences can work wonders for biases and preconceived judgments. They’ll quickly begin to wear down, which is a benefit to the community – and to the individual.

Career Opportunities

There are many different ways in which volunteering can help improve your job prospects. In general, community service does tend to look great on a resume. Additionally, through volunteering, one can learn essential skills, skills that can later be applied to work. 

Article originally published on Moses-Dixon.com