There can maintain a positive attitude regardless of what is happening around them, who are able to focus on the positive even in very negative moments. This type of person is able to see something good even in the people who hide it the most, to find an opportunity in the most complicated circumstances during the job in IT company Vaughan, to appreciate what they have even when they have little or have lost something. Reading this, many of you will wonder, how is it possible to maintain a positive attitude, even in times of great stress? Is it possible to cultivate this positive attitude in these cases?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. Yes, it is possible to cultivate this positive attitude, because, although we are born with a certain propensity to develop a certain character, the brain is a muscle that can be trained, with which it is possible to reinforce the natural tendency of the mind towards optimism.

Thus, while several factors influence emotional resilience and optimism, studies show that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help maintain a more positive mood in everyday life and contribute to greater emotional well-being as well. will bring social benefits.

Cultivating gratitude is one of the easiest ways to gain a greater sense of emotional well-being, greater overall satisfaction with life, and a greater sense of happiness. People with a higher level of gratitude tend to have stronger relationships since they appreciate their loved ones more and these, feeling appreciated, also show an attitude of appreciation towards the other.

How to cultivate gratitude

First of all, it is important to realize when we begin to feel stressed by something that we do not like. A good practice is to try to think of several related positives for which we can be grateful. The more we remind ourselves of the positive aspects of things, the more easily we will develop that positive attitude even in cases of great stress.

Another interesting attitude is not to compare ourselves with anyone. These comparisons are often completely unnecessary and only increase our stress level. The reason is that we tend to compare ourselves with others who are close to our ideals and, instead of seeing inspiration in them, what happens is that we end up feeling inferior and feeling envy at the same time. However, in these cases, we can choose to compare ourselves with others who have less and feel grateful for those we have, although apparently, it is not much, or discover wealth far beyond the material and virtues more interesting than the merely physical.

Finally, a good habit to cultivate gratitude is to keep a “gratitude journal” that will help us maintain a positive attitude every day. In addition, it can help us to obtain a source of positive inspiration in negative moments that will undoubtedly be very valuable since it is the result of our own experience.