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During the height of the pandemic, I made of habit of literally not allowing myself to be glued to the television or nightly news. There was so much focus on numbers and what was happening where that it really became overwhelming and it was easy to let your mind wander to the point of where it started affecting one’s sleep.

Both my phone scrolling and my television habits were brought to a screeching halt during that time. I do not watch network tv save for maybe a few shows that I watch that have nothing to do with what’s going on in the world and are only streamed. My phone gets turned off every night at ten pm to give me an hour of no screen time before bed. Suddenly, I found myself not dreaming of doomsday or zombies but snuggled in with a purring cat beside me. Believe me, that was much, much better both for my mental and physical health. My cat also prefers a non-stressed-out human. There’s a limit to just how much a person can absorb, and sometimes it is waxing on a person’s emotions, especially when everywhere you turn, be it online, or in the news, there are more projections and predictions.

I have kept this up through the pandemic and I still do this every single evening. It is a healthy habit that I plan on keeping even as things ease back into somewhat normalcy. I find that it gives me a better perspective, helps me to focus on the things I can control and just overall makes me take a look at all the things I should be grateful for.