Getting divorced can be a time consuming and challenging process that YOU do not have to walk through alone.  It is often a difficult time wrought with fear, overwhelm, and a myriad of unknowns. Many people overlook the impact of emotion on the divorce process and the importance of having the necessary professional support. Studies show that when individuals are in turmoil and get caught up in an emotional rollercoaster, they are not able to access their logic and problem-solving abilities in the same way that they would on a calm, normal day. Overwhelm leads to costly emotional and financial mistakes in divorce, which have long-term consequences for all parties involved. This is one of the many reasons that in 2013, the American Bar Association added Divorce Coaching to a list of alternative dispute resolutions. Together, divorce coaches work alongside the other members of YOUR professional team to provide YOU with the best possible outcomes regarding the dissolution of YOUR marriage. 

What are the benefits of working with a Certified Divorce Coach?

1. YOU create a nonjudgmental partnership:

-YOU work with an unbiased advocate and experienced coach who is YOUR voice of reason and who fosters resiliency through YOUR self-discovery.

-YOU acquire a professional to assist in managing the divorce process and supporting YOU through the challenging events.

-YOU gain a sounding board and thinking partner.

-YOU do not feel alone and have someone on your side that YOU can brainstorm ideas with.

-The coach is there to celebrate YOUR successes and capabilities for future growth.

-The coach assists in educating YOU about the process of divorce and how to create a strong team of professionals.

2. YOU enhance YOUR organizational skills:

-Coaches focus on a forward, goal-oriented, step-by-step process for YOU.

-Coaches guide YOU as YOU sort through and organize YOUR thoughts and documents needed for attorneys and accountants. 

-Coaches help YOU to clarify what is important in divorce and assist YOU in understanding and avoiding the common pitfalls.

-Coaches encourage YOU to define and redefine YOUR personal goals and devise a strategy for YOU to empower YOURSELF and fulfill YOUR desires post-divorce.

-Coaches often attend professional meetings with YOU to assist in moving things along in a productive and healthy manner.

3. YOU are provided with objective emotional support:

-Coaches prepare YOU mentally for the rollercoaster of emotions that might be experienced.

-Coaches assist in building up YOUR resiliency to turbulence.

-Coaches help YOU develop a sense of control during a challenging time when many YOU might feel that YOUR life is coming apart at the seams.

-Coaches create a safe, calm, and grounding place for YOU during a difficult time.

-Coaches help to build and strengthen YOUR skills to help YOU cope with the various emotions YOU might experience and assist YOU in minimizing potential conflict.

-Coaches encourage YOU to break free from YOUR feelings of victimhood and to show up as YOUR best self.

-Coaches help YOU to structure self-care plans so YOU are energized to move forward and take action. 

-Coaches assist YOU in developing a plan on how to tell YOUR children and close friends about the upcoming family changes.

-4. You are able to improve your communication skills:

-YOU learn to make and express more informed and less emotional decisions.

-Coaches help YOU to become more effective communicators so YOU can be heard and be a full participant in YOUR divorce process. 

-Coaches help YOU negotiate for YOUR future by helping you learn to implement conscious thought and intentional decision-making.

-Coaches assist in lowering the cost of YOUR attorney fees because YOU will be taught how to move beyond the story so YOU can be more prepared for the business of divorce.

Divorce coaches prepare YOU, one step at a time, to turn the emotional side of YOUR divorce into the business of divorce. It is a time when many experience a gap between where they are and where they want to be. With the guidance of a divorce coach, YOU work through the fears and obstacles keeping YOU stuck, develop a strategic roadmap for YOUR divorce,  have help organizing for the process, and learn skills necessary to negotiate and effectively communicate YOUR needs, wants, and desires without being hijacked by YOUR emotions. The goal is to help YOU show up as YOUR best self, navigate efficiently through the divorce process, gain insight, and create a life vision for YOURSELF based on specific intensions. 

Jennifer Warren Medwin MS, CDC  

Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator


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  • Jennifer Warren Medwin

    Certified Divorce Coach, Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator, and Certified Marital Mediator

    Seeking Empowerment: Clarity through Partnership

      Jennifer Warren Medwin, MS is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, Supreme Court of Florida Family Mediator, and a Certified Marital Mediator. Her private practice in Pinecrest, Miami is called Seeking Empowerment: Clarity through Partnership. Jennifer specializes in working alongside individuals and couples who are contemplating divorce and are fearful of high conflict or with people who hope to save their marriages. She partners with clients to develop the clarity, confidence, courage, conflict management strategies, and communication skills they need in order to move through the process. Jennifer uses her knowledge of coaching and mediation to help her clients emotionally prepare for the dissolution of their marriages or the reconciliation of their relationship in the most organized, time efficient, and productive manner. Additionally, Jennifer is a member of the National Association of Divorce Professionals (NADP) and a contributing writer for Your Tango and Thrive Global. Her approach to divorce coaching and mediation is one that provides clients with guidance and compassion through a difficult time in their lives.     “Set the intention of living the life you always wanted. Turn your can’ts into cans and you dreams into plans.” Anonymous