Not only because the accumulation of dust and dirt is avoided, but also because an environment of tranquility and harmony is generated. Do you know what are the benefits of tidying the house for mental health? We will tell you.

A tidy home is good for your health

Sometimes we live so fast that we neglect the organization of our home. The days go by and in our home, there are only messy objects creating dust. Healthy home life also depends on knowing how to reap the benefits of tidying up the house.

We all like to live in a clean place where we can find things the first time. This is one of the advantages of keeping your home tidy. We will no longer have to waste time looking for objects that seem to have been swallowed by the earth. Order and cleanliness provide important health benefits:

  • Less dust and dirt. An important tip for allergy sufferers.
  • Better ventilation and air renewal.
  • Greater disinfection.
  • Optimal humidity levels.

All of this translates into a lower risk of respiratory problems, stomach problems, headaches, and infections. But did you know that tidying up the house will also help you have better mental health?

Benefits of ordering the house for the mind

Why do some people find tidying up the house a relaxing activity? Because it really is. Maintaining order in the home has been shown to be key to a clear, stress-free mind. The trick is to change our mindset. While some people think “I’m tired and on top of that I have to start cleaning the house”, others say “I’m going to tidy up the house to distract myself and relax”. What differentiates these two people? Her attitude. But what happens when it is difficult to maintain a tidy house? Having a clean and orderly home is the responsibility of the entire family. If this charge always falls on the same person, it is logical that she ends up repudiating this obligation. Sharing chores around the house not only brings the family together but also spreads the mental benefits to everyone.


Coming to a clean and tidy home from work or school relaxes. Harmony and peace are installed in every corner, directly affecting our state of mind. However, not only the result of a house in order takes us away from stress but also the windows and doors in a better position for fresh air and the light. The very act of ordering the cabinets, drawers, and cleaning allows our mind to be distracted.

A recent study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute has shown that disorder not only leads to increased levels of stress but also causes a greater feeling of fatigue. Families living in messy homes feel less motivated and more tired. This is because chaotic places hinder concentration, memory, as well as the ability to process information well. If we add fatigue together with stress, the result is nothing other than a great difficulty in making decisions. Ultimately, clutter encourages mental wear and tear and therefore leads to frustration and anger.


To fall asleep there is nothing better than an orderly house. Clutter distracts you and doesn’t allow your mind to tune out for rest. Make sure your bedroom is always tidy and you will see how the quality of sleep improves considerably.