For me there is no second act just a continual movement forward towards a goal I set for myself many years ago. As a young woman I struggled to raise two children by myself while putting myself through school. I entered the workplace which was predominantly male. In those days there were very few women role models. I vowed that one day I would be in a position to be a role model and helping hand to other young women.

Raising children and trying to pay the bills leaves one very little time and money to help others. But I never lost sight of my goal. At sixty-six I am about to realize my goal. I have developed a program that teaches both women and men how to make better decisions, solve problems and move forward with hope and inspiration because if I can do it (achieve) anyone can with a little help from a friend.

This is not about money or status. I’ve achieved both of those. This is about paying it forward and that is the greatest achievement of all. To give without expecting anything in return is the essence of my lifelong dedication to health and fitness; body, mind and soul. For over thirty years I have taught yoga, dance, cycle and promoted nutrition and a positive attitude. I have a draw full of notes of thank you from my students. These are the things I cherish the most.

Two year ago I created an anti-aging workout video because I saw the need for aging boomers to be able to focus on maintaining balance, keeping their strength and staying flexible while making peace with the passing of time. My classes aren’t filled with hot young bodies. They are filled with beautiful women and men who understand that life is so much more than the bravado of youth. Time passes. We must all embrace the changes not with sorrow for what we have lost but celebration for what we have gained. Nothing in life is gained without change and growth.

My relationships are now filled with laughter and comradery. The competitive nature of youth has slipped away. We share stories about our grandchildren, caring for aging parents and occasionally chuckle about the good looking guy that wandered into our class. We haven’t lost the ability to appreciate the handsomeness of youth, but would not trade it for the wisdom of maturity. We are bonded by time, experiences and the knowledge that health, time and relationships are the most important things in life.

I am about to move forward with my lifelong goal. To be a role model for someone young who is struggling to find their voice and their footing. To give from the soul through the instruments of the body and the mind is the best act of all! @Weekly Prompt @second act

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

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