Recruiting a new employee is a responsible
task for both the employer and the future employee. The beginning of this
difficult process is an interview with the applicant for a vacant post, during
which the first impression of the candidate is formed and the interview helps
to understand whether this person is suitable for the company or not. Every
person who tries to get themselves a position works hard to make the employer
want them. However, many of them don’t know how important the time of the day is
when the interview is supposed to take place. We prepared some tips that will
help you to organize your day and what is more important exact time for the
interview. Read on to knock your
future employer dead in
the interview.

Can you find
the most favourable time for Everything

Are you always late for work? Do you have
failures to meet deadlines, late meetings, defections, lack of time and energy
for the family, complete exhaustion by the end of the week? These are the first
signs that a person does not plan his/her time.
Unfortunately, this is a typical situation for most of us starting with
the housewife to a businessman. Time management is a habit that you need to
work on a daily basis. How do we ordinarily plan our day? Our arrangement is
based on everyday routine, taking kids to school, work, social event, picking
up kids, necessary meetings, gym or dancing whatever… we try to do everything
by schedule, by doing so we squeeze things into our day. 

The problem is we
completely forget about the needs of our body. Planning your day against your Circadian rhythm and body’s
natural clock, by eating fast food, going late to bed, waking up too early, and
ending up too tired leads to losing the happiness of everyday life. Don’t you
think we have to schedule our time in accordance with what’s best for our body? If
that is the effective method we can approach every day with all in all
The last
question what is the optimal time to do everything?

Here we have the schedule that will help you
to feel better every day!

Here we have the schedule that will help you
to feel better every day!

  • If you want to start your day off in sound right, begin with the early
    exercise in the morning.
  • Drink warm water with lemon and 20 minutes later eat your breakfast
    within an hour after you wake up. That will help your body to burn fat, give
    you energy for the rest of the day, and increase your metabolism.
  • After that, you can check your Twitter till 9 a.m. as the researchers
    have shown people are more likely to tweet happy posts in the morning.
  • Making important decisions is better to do after lunch when you’ve just
    eaten so you’ve got new energy to think and resolve problems.
  • From 2-3 p.m. you can take a nap.
  • After that do some work and think creatively about some subjects.
  • In the evening it is important to read something, as the information
    before the sleeping hours is more likely to stay in your head.

But, you can ask how this optimal time
managing goes into effect when it comes to a job interview?

The Optimal Time for an Interview

As you’ve learned that your body has a peak times for different activities, you should find out about peak time for the job interview. My job is to conduct multiple interviews, on-site interviews and phone interviews throughout every day in a week. I’ve looked on the 2016 survey from Accountemps which shows that more than 61% of interviewed CFOs are of the same opinion that the most productive hours for hiring applicants were the ones between 9 and 11 a.m. We should figure out why mid-morning interviews hit the tops?

According to Bill Driscoll who is the New England District President for Accountemps “Mid-morning is an ideal time for a job interview because it gives the interviewer time to set daily priorities and settle into his or her day before the meeting,”

He explains that the later you have the job interview the more responsibilities and work you have to deal with. If you arrange your interview before some important meeting you might be not able to give all of your concentration and attention to the person who interviews you. You will be distracted by the thoughts about the meeting that’s coming.

And if you schedule a morning interview you will focus all your attention and energy on the interviewer who definitely will feel your purposefulness.

You also get less stressed and anxious in the morning, but late interview makes you think more, it stresses you and you can fail your interview by your thoughts before it even starts.

Best days to arrange your job interview 

Mondays are not the best choice to set the interview. Schedule it in the middle of the week when everybody is active, interested in productive work and has the energy to cooperate with you. Fridays are also less appropriate to conduct the interview, usually, people think about the weekends, or how would they spend their Friday evening, definitely not about hiring you in the first place. So, choose the middle of the week to get the dreamed position.

The Least Optimal Times for an Interview

Top times that will probably cut your chance to conduct the interview successfully:

  • Early mornings. I suppose it is obvious, people usually don’t like to work hard in the morning. Interviewing someone in the early morning would be stressful for both- the employer and future employee.
  • Late afternoon. At the end of the workday all, you can think about it’s going home. Don’t waste your time on trying to get someone interested in your wishes at that time, you’ll probably fail.

However, if it has happened that you’ve got the interview in some of these less successful times don’t get upset, now you’re at least prepared to what expects you at the interview.

And as Errol Morris said “I think an interview, properly considered, should be an investigation. You shouldn’t know what the interview will yield. Otherwise, why do it at all?”

I hope you’ll show the best of your potential and get them love you as a new employee.