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Our father started out working a “regular” job in the shipping industry. He wanted to do different things with his life, and he knew that he was capable of more but he needed a bit of guidance along the way, something that would help him make informed decisions along the way. He had some offers from businesses that he could have easily walked away from for more money because they seemed like awful ideas at best. However, when he wasn’t given any clear direction or options on what to do next, he felt stuck and set in his ways.

For example, he had a job he hated, and was getting by from day to day. He had no clue how to make this work into something more meaningful. We know what his salary was after taxes but we don’t know what else he made or how much of that money went straight into the wallet of the company. We don’t know whether or not he had health insurance or if it was covered by his employer. We don’t know much about his day to day life or what he did with his free time. All we do know is that he had a job that was unfulfilling, and one where he wasn’t getting any kind of measurable growth or success in his efforts.

He was stuck in the same place for so many years until we finally decided to do something about it. We decided to take a risk and do something that we loved, and that was a lot more fulfilling. We knew that it would be risky because we were afraid of failure, but you cannot have success without trying. Our father saw us taking a risk like this and he realized that it wasn’t the right time for him to go after his dreams too. Liferesearchco

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What we did was get our licenses, buy everything we needed for all of our different businesses, and set out on our own. Our father decided to take his own risk and go against what everyone else was saying. He chose to go with the flow and just do what we did, and that was start fighting for our lives and not just accept the life that we had been given.
We didn’t have any plans of getting a large amount of money in the beginning because we didn’t know how long it would take us to get everything set up or to receive any kind of income from any source. We just knew that we had to get the ball rolling and just keep pushing forward until we were making money.

Our father took his time, did what he had to do, and then got the money that he needed to finally jump into action. The way he saw it was if he wasn’t going to try, then why bother at all? He knew that the business would be hard work and a lot of work, but if it was something that we loved doing then it was worth giving it a shot.

What we like the most about what our father did is that it seemed so typical of him. He chose to do what he loved, and what made him happy, instead of just doing what everyone else was telling him to do. We didn’t want to follow the same path that everyone else was taking, so why would anyone expect us to?

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He knows about all of the different businesses that we have opened up and the amount of money that we have made with each one in particular. We are sharing this information with him because we know that he is proud of us for following what we love and going against the grain.
He told us to be realistic and to set goals for ourselves, but not to be too disappointed if we didn’t reach them because it was about making an effort, not necessarily reaching the goal itself. He knew that we would make mistakes but they would only help us get better and learn our way around things so that we could have a better grasp of what our strengths were in terms of making money.

What he told us was to set goals, and then do everything we could to reach them. The path may be different from what anyone else is taking, but it was our path. If we didn’t like the path that we were walking then we could always make a turn and change it. Click here
The next time that someone asks you for career advice, tell them to go for what they love. That is the best thing that you can tell anyone because it allows them to live their lives on their terms instead of on someone else’s. They can do what they love and do it with pride in their hearts, because they know that they deserve success.

Our father has also told us that never let anyone tell you no. A lot of people will try to tell the next generation of leaders that we are too old or too young, but our dad made sure that he never stopped going after what he loved. We are only going to go further and higher as we have been taught by him.